Singapore Expo This Weekend – Motherhood Exhibition 2014 & Robinsons Expo Sale

The long awaited (for me) Motherhood Exhibition 2014 is here!

With a newborn baby, I need good deals for diapers and have been waiting for this baby fair for a while. To avoid the weekend crowd, I decided to go down today, on the first day of the event. I checked the Singapore Expo calendar before I went and saw that there is quite a lot going on this weekend.

20140529-163406.jpg The Robinsons Expo sale also takes place this weekend, which makes it a bonus for my trip, but of course, my priority is still the Motherhood Exhibition.

20140529-163539.jpg As expected, going on a weekday means the place is less crowded, much to my convenience and delight.





20140529-163800.jpg These are the exhibitors for the fair this year.

Initially, my goal was to go and make orders for Nepia diapers. This Japanese brand diapers is very soft and absorbs well. Phoebie used to wear this and I ordered some for Breyen online.

20140529-164105.jpg The deal at the fair is definitely better than its usual online price.

However, in the end, I bought another brand for Breyen.

20140529-164244.jpg Goo.n diapers also come from Japan and is also a brand that Phoebie has tried before. The softness and absorbing abilities are comparable to Nepia’s.

I decided on Goo.n in the end because like Nepia, there’s free delivery for the amount I intend to buy, and after calculation, small (S) sized Goo.n diapers are cheaper than Nepia’s.

The Motherhood Exhibition this year is rather disappointing though. It is quite obvious that there are lesser exhibitors. Even major diaper brands like Huggies and Pampers that usually have very big booths at the entrance of such fairs are sold under NTUC Fairprice’s booth.

There are a lot of photography booths, so for those who are looking to compare prices for baby, maternity or family photo shoots, this fair will be quite worth attending.

If I had more time, I would have spent a lot more time at the Robinsons Expo Sale. It’s one of my favourite events at the Singapore Expo and there are a lot of different things to buy for the household. Clothes, shoes, bed sheets, kitchen ware, things for kids and even food, there’s so much to look at. Today is the first time I left the sale empty-handed. Haha… I was carrying Breyen in the baby carrier and only had capacity for things I had to buy at the Motherhood Exhibition.

There’s a lot going on at the Singapore Expo, especially for mummies who may have baby product needs. If you want to avoid crowds, I would suggest you head to Singapore Expo tonight or tomorrow. Otherwise, be prepared for queues and crowds, both at the car park and in the halls.


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