Wiping Crayon Stains Away

This morning, Phoebie woke up and told me she wanted to do colouring. I thought nothing of it because she colours very often. Suddenly, I realized she was just sitting at her desk with no paper on it and she was colouring the desk!!

I didn’t want to scold her because I was the one who gave her the go-ahead to colour, of course not realizing where she was going to colour. I immediately gave her a piece of paper to colour and as I did, I realized how “decorated” her desk was. I decided that while she was in school, I was going to clean her table up.

I didn’t want to use regular detergent and the product that came to mind was:



20140527-124356.jpg The last time I wrote about another product under this line was last year, when I was cleaning my kitchen after just getting our home back from our tenant. Cleaning stubborn grease in the kitchen was a breeze with this product. This cleaning clay that I used this morning is non-abrasive and is suitable for cleaning furniture.



20140527-124704.jpg I couldn’t believe how colourful Phoebie’s desk was.

Thankfully, with the help of the cleaning clay, the crayon lines were soon removed.

20140527-124851.jpg All cleaned up and the desk looks as good as new!

I remember buying this cleaning clay from the John Little Expo Sale. It only costs $8 and lasts for very long, unless of course if I have to clean crayon stains or similar stains very often.


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