Kitchen Reopened – As a SAHM with 2 Kids

It’s been quite a while since I cooked dinner. My kitchen was closed when my dad passed away. We went to my mum’s place for dinner almost every night, so that we could spend time with my mum.

My kitchen remained closed after I gave birth to Breyen more than a month ago as we settled down with the two kids. My mum would cook and bring dinner to us, so I didn’t have to worry about meals.

Now that the “confinement” or rest period of one month is over, it’s time for my mum to take a break. So my kitchen has to reopen. Today is the first time in almost three months that I am cooking dinner. It is also the first time I am preparing dinner as a mother of two, and now that I have tried it, I salute all mums with multiple young children who cook meals every day.

Phoebie was supposed to be napping but she kept walking in and out of her room, with one question after another. I was cutting up ingredients in the kitchen and couldn’t stop Phoebie from coming out of her room. At the same time, Breyen started to cry. I was wondering what I should do so that I could cook.

So I told Phoebie that if she came out from her room again instead of napping, she would have to go to the timeout corner. It worked! She stayed in her room, and each time I peeped, she was lying on her bed.

Breyen, on the other hand, was crying buckets and the only way I could multi task was to put him in a baby carrier while I continued to prepare dinner.

20140527-201137.jpg Breyen finally calmed down and eventually fell back asleep while being in the kitchen with me. When I saw that he was sound asleep, I quickly put him back in the rocker.


20140527-201328.jpg To be honest, while I was cutting the ingredients, I was still wondering what to cook. I decided that the easiest way was to cook one dish with everything inside, so I cooked pork stew.

20140527-201439.jpg To add a little variety to the dinner, I popped a few pieces of seaweed chicken into the airfryer, and when everything was done, this was dinner.

Like I said, after today, the first day of my kitchen’s reopen, I really salute mummies with multiple young children who cook meals at home. How to pacify and comfort the crying baby while making sure the older child was not up to mischief, and prepare a meal for the family, all at the same time? Sheesh… What a task…

As for how I am going to manage, all I can say is, Ben and Phoebie may have to expect many all-in-one-pot kind of dishes for dinner for a while, until I get the hang of things. Haha… Well, at least there’re home-cooked meals.


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