One Month Old!

That’s right, my little boy is one month old!! It’s certainly a call for celebration because it means that I survived my first month of being a mother of two! Haha…

To commemorate Breyen turning one month old, I did a little photo shoot for him yesterday. It was also then that I realized I have been doing photo shoots for baby girls and I didn’t have many props or accessories for baby boys. I shall build up my little arsenal of props from now.

I didn’t manage to take a lot of photos for Breyen because he was grumpy and sleepy. Nonetheless, his eyes were open throughout the really short shoot and I still managed to pick a few photos that I liked.









I have decided to do a photo shoot for Breyen every month, both to chart his growth and to give myself more practice with taking photos for babies. This will help when I am ready to finally launch what I had planned to last year. The plan was shelved when I realized I was too pregnant to strain myself. Now I shall go back to the planning. 🙂

Oh, and happy one month, baby boy! Always remember that you are very very loved!

20140521-130637.jpg And then, there’s four of us. 🙂


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