20 Things I learnt Since Becoming A Mother of Two

It’s Mother’s Day today and it’s been almost three weeks since I became a mother of two. It’s not been the easiest journey becoming a mum to one more child and I’ve definitely learnt a lot.

Here are 20 things I have learnt since becoming a mother of two:

1. Breast feeding the second time round doesn’t mean breast feeding is easier. Talk to lactation professionals when you feel like you need help.

2. Reading books about becoming a big sister to the older child before the baby comes helps to prepare the older child about changes the baby will bring.

3. Accept help when people you can trust offer help.

4. No matter how tired you are after looking after the baby, always remember to cuddle with the older child and if possible, cuddle her even more now.

5. No matter how loving the older child is to the baby, she is sensitive to how the parents talk to her, especially when the baby just arrived.

6. Whoever said that 3.5 year olds are too young to understand that they have to share attention with a baby, doesn’t know what they are talking about.

7. Teach the older child to pack up after she is done with her toys and praise her for it.

8. Let the older child be involved with caring for the baby whenever possible.

9. Patience for the older child has to multiply – by at least 10 times.

10. Challenging as it is, find a balance between disciplining and assuring the older child she has not been replaced.

11. No matter how irritating the older child appears to be during the first few weeks, refrain from hitting her or yelling at her. She is adapting to someone new in her life too. Plus, you are affected by all the post-natal emotions.

12. Napping is a luxury.

13. Although most mums sometimes wish they can be like an octopus, i.e. to have 8 arms, it’s not possible to do everything at the same time. The baby is crying, dinner needs to be done, the older child needs attention, all at the same time. Sooo… Learn to let the baby cry for a little while, as long as he is in a safe place. 5 or 10 minutes isn’t very long.

14.Make sure the husband is around to help share the load. Let the husband do some of the housework while you settle down with the new baby.

15. Not every mess has to be cleaned up immediately.Some messes can be ignored.

16. So the house is a little dirty and not so perfect. It’s perfectly okay!

17. Regardless of what others may say, you know you are doing your best to be the best Mum possible to the kids and that’s all that matters.

18. Don’t compare yourself with other Mums who seem to be managing much better than you. They are probably facing challenges that you don’t know about and they could actually be admiring how collected you appear to be.

19. It is okay to pamper yourself.

20. Love yourself! You deserve more credit than you give yourself.


This Mother’s Day, whether you are a mother of one, two, three or many more, may you find joy in your journey as a mother and may you always find strength to carry on, knowing that you are giving your child(ren) the very best that you can give.

Blessed and happy Mother’s Day, all my mummy friends!



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