Breyen Has Arrived!

Soo…. I’ve been missing for quite a while, and it’s only because I have given birth to our baby boy, Breyen, two weeks ago!


Yes, even though my EDD was in early may. Haha… The boy prefers to be an April baby and chose to come out when I was 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

My contractions started on a Sunday afternoon and while the pain was intensive, it went away after about one hour, so I thought it was a false alarm.

In the late afternoon, however, the contractions came back and by the time I was done with dinner, I told Ben that we should go to the hospital, so we made arrangements for Phoebie to spend the night at my Mum’s.

We arrived at the Delivery Ward at 9pm but contractions practically stopped the moment I was admitted. Nonetheless, the nurses proceeded to check on me. They found that I had dilated 2cm and baby’s head was already low.

Shortly after, my gynae came in to check on me too, and confirmed that I was dilated 2cm. Since there was no signs of strong contractions, he told the nurses to observe me for the night.

The nurses told me to sleep but I couldn’t because I was too uncomfortable. Instead, I kept going to the bathroom, and I tried to walk around the room to bring the contractions back. When that didn’t work by 3am, I gave up and tried to get whatever amount of sleep I could.

My gynae came again in the morning and after checking me, he said I was still 2cm dilated. He then Asked if I wanted to deliver that day, and I asked him if I could. I was already feeling miserable and uncomfortable and as long as it was safe enough, I most certainly didn’t mind delivering the baby. He said it was okay and arranged to burst the water bag.

After that, the nurses arranged for the anesthetist to come in to give me my epidural and things took a fast turn from there.

When the anesthetist came, he asked how my last experience with the epidural was. To distract me while he inserted the needles, he told me to play Candy Crush on my phone. During the entire process, he explained more about what he was doing. This was something that the last anesthetist didn’t do, so I certainly appreciated this anesthetist this time.

Antibiotics were given to me by injection because I was found to have GBS during my pregnancy.

The contractions finally picked up pace about 11am and the dilation moved “full speed ahead”. I don’t remember what time it was but I remember telling the nurse that I could feel the urge to push and that the baby was coming down, so she called my gynae and got everything ready for the baby to arrive.

I started pushing at about 1.35pm and after 4 big pushes,

20140505-112641.jpg Breyen Koh arrived safely and officially came into our family.

20140505-112826.jpg Holding Breyen in my arms was a wonderful feeling, and yet I had so many different kinds of emotions to deal with. The greatest one, perhaps, was relief because he had arrived healthily.

Today, Breyen is two weeks old, and oh, what an eventful two weeks it has been. What with tongue-tied issues, mastitis (yes, breast infection), dealing with Phoebie’s very sensitive feelings and so much more. I shall document all that slowly, a little at a time.


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