Home Visit

When Phoebie’s teacher called me to arrange for a home visit, I asked, “Did something happen in school? Is something wrong?” It’s not usual for preschool teachers to make home visits, at least not to my knowledge.

Phoebie’s teacher assured me that everything is okay and home visitation is part of what the school does. The school arranges for its teachers to visit each student once a year to learn more about the student and his or her environment. While the teacher-and-parent meetings allow parents to meet the teachers, time is limited during such sessions and many queries may not be addressed. Phoebie’s teacher also explained that they use the home visits to see if the student’s family may have needs that the school can help with.

So last night, both Phoebie’s class teacher and Chinese teacher came to visit us at home. I have never met either teacher before as Phoebie takes the school bus to school, so meeting them in person definitely helped me put faces to names that Phoebie talks about almost every day.

The teachers filled us in about how Phoebie has been doing in school and told us about the areas Phoebie has been doing well and the areas that Phoebie needs more help to develop.

Both Ben and I were surprised when the teachers said that Phoebie is mature for her age. I told the teachers that to us, she seems on par with the friends she grew up with and we have no other comparison, so we don’t know. The Chinese teacher also said that Phoebie’s mandarin standard is pretty good, even though Phoebie has a tendency to answer her in English.

It was great to hear that Phoebie is doing well socially in school and that she is learning well. The teachers said one of their concerns about Phoebie was her emotions control. They had wondered if it was because I am pregnant and Phoebie would act up. They didn’t know about my pregnancy until Phoebie kept telling them that “Mummy’s tummy is very big”. Thanks to this home visit, the teachers saw “Mummy’s big tummy”. Haha…

The teachers were at our place for about an hour and during that one hour, we were able to ask all the questions we had. Finding out more about how the teachers run things in school also assured Ben and I that we are on the same page as the school when it comes to discipline and parenting methods.

While we chatted with the teachers, Phoebie kept sitting with them instead of us. This simply showed us how much she liked her teachers.

After the teachers left, I told Ben that I am thankful we made the decision to put Phoebie in this school, even though Phoebie has to take the school bus for a relatively long ride. Phoebie enjoys the bus rides anyway and it’s worth it, seeing how hardworking yet humble the teachers are.


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