So yes, the Philips Airfryer has been out in the market for quite a while now. I’ve been wanting to get one for the longest time, because I don’t like the kitchen floor to be oily from frying food, and because air frying is much healthier than deep frying, thanks to the minimal amount of oil involved.

Today, thanks to some issues I had with my water heater (it’s a long story), I ended up getting the airfryer, finally!!

Now I know there are many brands that have come out with airfryers too, and in fact, Philips itself has upgraded its product to a digital version, but I decided to still get the old version.

20140402-204909.jpg Originally going for $349, it is going for $269 at Best Denki this month.

At such a price, I definitely choose the old version of the airfryer over the new Philips digital airfryer, which basically does the same thing, except for the digital interface. The digital one costs at least $100 more since the old version is on sale.

Phoebie saw the airfryer as I was taking it out of its box and told me she wanted to eat fries. I told her I would have to go and get the fries and she can only have it tomorrow.

To test out my new kitchen appliance, I decided to cook something else in it.

20140402-205802.jpg Phoebie loves mantou 馒头, or plain buns, and these are the only things in the freezer I can test the airfryer with. Haha… So, after brushing some butter on the mantou, I cooked it in the airfryer.

20140402-210016.jpg Here we go, crispy healthy airfried mantou for the little girl.

With the airfryer being in the market for so long now, it’s also easy to find recipes online.

I’m just happy I have something I can use to add variety to our dinner table that’s healthy and (hopefully) delicious.


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