Creative Lunch Box

One of my friends, Shirley, has been amazing me for a while now. Not only is she a beautiful and graceful dancer, but she’s also crazy creative in the kitchen. She runs a blog, sharing recipes of bento boxes she creates, and her designs never fail to blow me away.

Recently, she has done a few that I think would really interest kids if they see these designs as their meals. It may take a little more time than simply whipping up a meal, but hey, I’m sure it’s wor the extra effort when your child loves what he or she sees on the plate.

The following photos are all credited to Shirley Wong, also known as Little Miss Bento, and are shared with her permission.

20140312-124628.jpg The movie “Frozen” may be off the big screens now, but the craze continues, especially with every other kid singing “Let it go”. If your child is into “Elsa” and “Olaf”, this bento is sure to put a smile on the kid’s face. The recipe can be found here.

20140312-125157.jpg In love with teddy bears? Whether a child or a child-at-heart, this adorable “teddy in a box” bread certainly makes one go “awww…”. The recipe can be found here.

20140312-130031.jpg Got a Hello Kitty fan at home? Or maybe, you’re a Hello Kitty fan yourself? This beautiful creative is sure to wow and get some jaws to drop. The recipe can be found here.

20140312-130535.jpg If your child is still into Minions like my Phoebie is, these steam cakes will not only make your child smile, but will also make great afternoon snacks. The recipe can be found here.

20140312-131012.jpg Shirley, aka Little Miss Bento, has made so many creative and gorgeous lunch boxes that I don’t think I can finish sharing them in just one entry. Not only has she created lunch boxes that kids will love, she’s got stuff that grown-ups will like too.

20140312-131505.jpg This beautiful chocolate tart certainly looks like a great way to show your love for a chocolate lover. The recipe can be found here.

20140312-131849.jpg If I don’t say, you most likely wouldn’t guess, based on the picture, that the bear is actually a tang yuan or 汤圆 in Chinese. That’s just how creative Little Miss Bento gets with something ordinary. The recipe of this adorable dessert can be found here.

20140312-132547.jpg Just this morning, Little Miss Bento got me salivating over this beautiful fruit tart. It isn’t just an ordinary fruit tart. The recipe can be found here, and you’ll discover what’s special about it.

Once again, all photos in this entry are courtesy of Shirley, also known as Little Miss Bento, and are shared with her permission.

I’m sure Shirley has much more creative lunch box or bento designs, as well as yummy recipes up her sleeves and I enjoy her sharing them. These recipes could intrigue kids and get them more interested in their meals.

If you have been intrigued by Shirley’s creations, these are the ways you can follow her:

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Shirley also runs classes, whether on a one-to-one basis or for a group of 4 to 6 persons. Click here to find out more.


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