Home Organisation

These days, there are a lot of home organisation tips on many articles on the Internet, and I love reading and sharing them. A lot of these tips are ingenious and are inexpensive. I reckon mummies, whether SAHM or working mum, love such tips because it makes tidying up the house easier, fun and innovative.

One of the articles I recently read is this one:

While some of the tips may not apply to a typical Singaporean home, a lot of them are very interesting ideas that can make ur home unique.

Another link that I read recently is this one:

Now this one, I’m sure a lot of mummies will find applicable in their homes.

Among the tips in this article, I spotted one that I could immediately put to use.

20140226-132722.jpg I love tying Phoebie’s hair and I love buying all kinds of rubber bands and hair accessories for her, but her hair accessories box can be a hassle to tackle, so I figured I could organize the rubber bands, just as this tip suggests.

20140226-132911.jpg This is my nightmare every morning when I tie Phoebie’s hair before she goes to school.


20140226-133005.jpg Tadah! So much easier to find the rubber bands I want to use now. So yes, the carabiner tip certainly works and is very handy!

I recently also wrote about how I reorganized my condiments corner in the kitchen with the help of an inexpensive shelf insert I had gotten from Ikea. With the success of that shelf insert, I decided to get the bigger version of the Ikea VARIERA shelf insert to organize one more corner of the kitchen.

20140226-133630.jpg It’s not that this corner is messy, but I figured I could create more counter space if I could stack things up.

20140226-133724.jpg In comes the bigger VARIERA shelf insert.

20140226-133836.jpg And there we go, more counter space as things get stacked.

The bigger Ikea VARIERA shelf insert goes for $7.90 and the smaller shelf insert which I used for the condiments corner can be screwed and attached onto the big one if need be.


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