Test for Gestational Diabetes

I went for the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test yesterday to check for Gestational Diabetes. I had to do this test when I had Phoebie too because of the medical history in my family.

It’s probably one of the tests that most pregnant mummies dread the most because firstly, you have to fast before the test, secondly, you have to drink this yucky glucose drink and lastly, blood is drawn a few times.

My test was at 8am, so I had to start fasting at 10pm the night before. Pretty tolerable, one would think, but not for a pregnant mum. Hunger and thirst are more difficult to bear when u have someone growing in you.

Upon arriving at the laboratory at the hospital, a first round of urine and blood samples are taken.


20140222-112745.jpg That’s right, my pee is bio hazardous. Hahaha…

Next, I had to drink an entire bottle of yucky tasting glucose water.

20140222-112938.jpg It’s definitely not the best drink I’ve ever had.

After drinking that, I was told to sit at the waiting area for one hour to wait for the second set of samples to be taken. So with whatever urine I could squeeze out and the blood drawn, the second set of samples were taken.

Not done yet.

I was told to wait, once again, for another hour for the third and final set of urine and blood samples to be taken. Then I could finally go and grab a bite.

I returned to the clinic about 40 minutes later, and the clinic staff called the laboratory for the results. I passed, meaning no gestational diabetes. Ahhh… Music to my ears. Haha… It means one more obstacle out of the way, and I can continue with the way I eat. Not that I eat very unhealthily in the first place.

So at 29 weeks into the pregnancy, I am gestational diabetes free, with the baby at 1.23kg. My gynae says everything looks alright.


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