Kitchen Organisation

Ever since we moved home, I’ve been organising and reorganizing a lot of things around the house. Some things look right for a couple of days, but as we settle down, another arrangement seems to make more sense.

One of the places I spend quite a bit of time rearranging (a lot) is the kitchen. I cook on most weekdays, so getting things organized for a smooth and happy cooking experience matters.

So far, I’ve managed to rearrange most of the things and I’m liking where everything is stored, all except the condiments area.

20140222-225857.jpg That’s right, this corner is where different kinds of oil, sauces, seasoning and what not are stored so that they are within reach while cooking. But it’s so messy and disorganized that I feel a tinge of frustration each time I have to reach for something from here.

I searched high and low and in a lot of shops for a suitable condiments rack. Some of them looked really nice but were either too narrow or too wide, or hard to clean, or simply didn’t go with the rest of the kitchen. Those that were really nice cost quite a bit and I had to think twice about getting them. My rack hunt brought me to a point that I might have wanted to just settle for whatever will work, because I simply couldn’t stand the mess of the bottles.

20140222-230407.jpg The Ikea Family News recently came in the mail, and while Ben hates it when I seem to want to buy a lot of things I see in Ikea catalogues, I wanted to see if they had something to solve my bottles woes.

20140222-230532.jpg This picture and description caught my eye and I told Ben that I wanted to go and take a look at what the actual product looks like. If it suits my kitchen needs, I want to buy it. The VARIERA shelf insert comes in 2 sizes, and no matter which one i decide on, or even if I decide to buy both, it’s going to cost me lesser than $15.

When we saw the actual product at Ikea, I decided that the bigger shelf insert was too big and it wasn’t suitable for my intended use. But the small one seemed just right. In case one shelf insert wasn’t enough, I grabbed two. They only cost $5.90 each anyway and I can always use the second one for something else if I only needed one for the condiments.

20140222-231215.jpg I fixed up one shelf insert, tried to rearrange everything and realised I could use both shelf inserts I bought after all.

20140222-231321.jpg Tadah! The condiments corner is so much tidier now!! I feel happy just looking at it. Haha… The best part is that everything takes up less than half the space it used to occupy.

With the success of the reorganizing of the condiments corner, I’m now thinking of getting the bigger VARIERA shelf insert so that I can create more counter space on the other side of the kitchen.


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