Gym Ball To The Rescue

I remember reading somewhere about how sitting on a gym ball helps with posture and relieving back ache, and given that this pregnancy has been one that I can’t seem to find any comfortable position to sit or lie down, I have been wanting to get a gym ball to see whether it will help. Of course, I know that a walk in the swimming pool will help relief the backache too, but I really something that is more accessible than that. Today, Ben and I finally got a gym ball.

The shop only had two sizes left – 55cm and 65cm. After the salesperson showed us the size on a measuring tape, I decided on the 65cm one.

While Phoebie took a nap, I pumped up the gym ball and immediately tried it. I made sure both my feet were flat on the floor and my legs were opened to the width of the gym ball. All I could say was “Aaaahhh…” The sore from my lower back was relieved as I sat on the gym ball.

With that relief, I decided to google and find out how else I could use the gym ball to help me while I’m pregnant.

First, I read about the use about the gym ball, also sometimes known as the birth ball, during pregnancy, labour and after having the baby.

Next, I found a pregnancy workout that incorporates the gym ball that I will start trying.

Through these reads, it’s apparent that pregnancy gym ball exercises can be as simple as just sitting on it properly or gently rocking side to side, and as complicated as combining my workout with light weights.

In the meantime, I’ll just sit on the gym ball for some lower back relief.

20140216-214148.jpg Sitting on the gym ball is really a lot more comfortable than it looks.

20140216-214233.jpg Even Phoebie got into the hang of things and helped me exercise on the gym ball. “Left… and right… And left… And right…” she said, helping me move slowly. Of course, after I was done, Phoebie had a good time rolling the gym ball all over the house. Hahaha…

So thanks to the gym ball, I finally have relief to the lower back sore that has slowly built up.


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