Imagination with Lego

Not saying that it has to be Lego that kids must play with to let their imagination run, but Phoebie really let her imagination take over with her Lego blocks today and Ben and I were both tickled and impressed with what she could come up with.

We were supposed to go for our nephew’s birthday party today but Phoebie has been coughing so badly (plus she threw up last night), so we decided to skip the party to prevent spreading germs to other party guests.

I was a little worried that Phoebie would be bored at home because this would be the third day that she has to stay home, but she did well occupying herself.

One of the things that she played with a lot was her Lego blocks. And she kept coming up with different things with them. Some she had to explain to us, others were obvious when we looked at it.

20140215-215212.jpg According to Phoebie, this is a diving mask. It may not look exactly like one, but hey, she imagined it.

20140215-215302.jpg When she got bored of the mask, she simply built a super tall tower.

20140215-215334.jpg Next, she made two guns and started shooting… aliens, apparently.

20140215-215431.jpg “Look, finger puppets!” she said with these, and distributed them to Ben and I.

20140215-215524.jpg “It’s a space shuttle with a girl inside,” she told me, showing me what she built next.

20140215-215623.jpg Ben and I couldn’t make out what this one was until Phoebie started singing “Jesus loves the little hamster, all the hamster of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little hamster of the world.” Of course, the original song goes “Jesus loves the little children”. She started singing the hamster version when I started telling her that only hamsters keep food in their mouths and not swallow. I must say that I loved how she related the blocks to the song.

20140215-215945.jpg This last item of the night, Phoebie said was an ice cream.

And just like that, Phoebie was occupied with her Lego blocks for almost 2 hours.

I love that she had fun and that she simply built whatever came to mind. And this is why I love letting her play with toys like Lego and wooden blocks. The blocks can be whatever she imagines them to be and we get some insights into her imagination.


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