Valentine’s Day as a Family

Most mummies and daddies would want to spend Valentine’s Day as a couple, or at least have a nice dinner without kids around. That would certainly sound nice, but sometimes that option is not available.

We had no one who could look after Phoebie for us today, so Ben made sure to check with the restaurant he had booked a table with that it was okay for us to have Phoebie with us.

Before dinner, my day started with a “mystery” box on the floor of our room.

20140214-230622.jpg Ben likes to surprise me like that, and with the past month being so tough, this box of gifts felt heartwarming.

20140214-230739.jpg Phoebie saw the box and claimed it was from her instead. Haha…

20140214-230821.jpg I’m really glad I had stocked up on some nice maternity tops back when we were living in the US. This top seemed to conceal my tummy.

As usual, I didn’t ask where Ben was bringing us. He drove and we just followed. I was guessing whether he was going to bring us to the Italian restaurant where our friend is the chef because Ben has been wanting to try the food for a while now.

20140214-231123.jpg And I was right. Haha…

The restaurant doesn’t have high chairs for kids, not does it serve kids meals, but we figured it was alright for a little indulgence since it’s a special occasion.

Phoebie was a little grumpy at first because I had refused to lend her my phone. One of the staff immediately noticed and presented Phoebie with a flower. Phoebie’s face lit up the moment she saw the flower and sat happily through the entire dinner.






20140214-231529.jpg Ben and I both had the Valentine’s Day set dinner and we were blown away by the good food. Ben had the steak while I had the fish and we were both really impressed by Chef Takashi Okuno’s skills.

Phoebie had seafood spaghetti (which I forgot to take a picture of) and both Ben n I tried the sauce. It was probably the lightest tomato-based spaghetti we ever had. Phoebie loved it so much that she finished everything.

20140214-231911.jpg Phoebie received a flower and some chocolates from one of the restaurant staff and was pacified enough to behave herself the whole night. She even had a complimentary dessert, deep fried ravioli with chocolate, which was the same thing we had for dessert.

20140214-232128.jpg This restaurant staff kept coming back with gifts for Phoebie and Ben and I had no idea who he was. I couldn’t help it but ask the manager for his identity. The manager told me that this man was the restaurant’s cleaner and I told him that I felt bad that he was showering Phoebie with so many things. The manager smiled and said, “We are like that.” For a restaurant that didn’t serve kids meals or even have a high chair, the staff was really awesome with kids.

20140214-232446.jpg After we finished dinner, we made sure to say hello to our friend, Takashi Okuno, the man in the kitchen whipping up all the delicious food. Typical of him, he smiled shyly and thanked us for the compliments.

20140214-232736.jpg So there, our Valentine’s Day dinner as a family. Valentine’s Day is, after all, a day to spend with the one(s) we love. It helps that Phoebie behaved herself and Ben and I were able to have a good conversation. 🙂 I hope Phoebie felt the love in our family.


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