Of Marketing and Chores

I look at my entry title and think how “Aunty-like” it sounds. Hahaha… Oh well, marketing and chores are part of a mummy’s daily life.

Ever since we came back from the US more than a year ago, I have been doing my groceries shopping at supermarkets. It’s a rather ironic choice, given that I grew up in a family that runs businesses in the fresh produce market. I guess the convenience of having everything in one place, from fresh produce to toiletries, is more enticing. Not to mention the comfort of grocery shopping in an air-conditioned environment.

Today, I decided it was time to make a change and head into the local market near to my place.

20140211-150212.jpg Phoebie enjoyed pulling my newly purchased trolley bag for me before her school bus came. After she left for school, I ventured into the small but well-stocked market nearby.

In a typical wet market in Singapore, there are a few stalls that will sell similar produce. In this small market near my place, there is only one stall of each kind. That helps, I think to some extent. It makes my choices easier.

I didn’t take any pictures because I think this is part of daily life, buying fresh produce from the local market.

I went to the vegetable stall and picked out a couple of items and paid for them. Then I went to the chicken stall, not having a clue what I was going to buy. I spotted some curry paste hanging in the corner of the stall, and when it was my turn, I asked the uncle which of the curry pastes he sold that he recommended. From there, I started my conversation with him.

For a moment, I suddenly felt weird. I spent a good number of my adolescent years helping at the family stall during weekends. It was rather strange that I am now the one buying instead of the one selling. As I talked to the uncle, I realised what I had been missing in the past year, doing my groceries in supermarkets, buying ready-packed meat. I missed the personal touch. The uncle was friendly and was good at recommending ingredients. He shared a little about his business and it felt like I was making a friend.

Such a conversation brought me back to the environment that I grew up in. When I was helping out at my family’s market business, a lot of the aunties who frequent our stall became our friends. They watched my brothers and I grow up. And I appreciated that connection.

Shopping for fresh produce not only allows a more personal experience, but it also means being able to choose the produce you buy. Most of the fresh produce in the market are not ready-packed, so it allows the chance to choose.

I shall bring Phoebie on more trips to the market, because it will certainly make a difference in her learning. Seeing an actual chicken or fish is different from seeing them in pictures. Also, seeing the people who sell these things handle them is a different experience too.

Other than shopping for fresh produce at the nearby market, I also finally fixed up my Dyson vacuum cleaner into its (more or less) permanent form instead of taking it in and out of the box all the time.

20140211-154947.jpg Tadah! This will make the vacuum cleaner ready to use as and when I need it, instead of having to fix it up every time.

20140211-155106.jpg Cleaning the blinds had been the reason I initially bought my Dyson and I have finally put it to its intended use. Haha….

Although I can’t really see a difference because the blinds are dark-coloured, at least I knew I cleaned them up. Plus I had a good workout doing it. I must say that cleaning the blinds when I am almost 28 weeks pregnant is quite a workout.

Alright, more cleaning soon!


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