Baking Day

Christmas is next week! And one of the things I like to do is to bake some cookies for loved ones. Now that Phoebie is older, I can finally let her get involved. Hopefully it spurs some baking interest in her too.

20131220-152626.jpg I used to bake cookies a lot when we were living in the US, and after more than a year, assembling the ingredients took me a little longer. Haha…

20131220-152745.jpg How I love seeing my kitchenaid mixer in action! I used to have a handheld mixer, but this is so much easier.

20131220-152859.jpg Phoebie heard the “noise” in the kitchen and abandoned her tv shows, joining me in our little cookies baking session.

20131220-153016.jpg I certainly love how I no longer have to fold the flour into the mixture manually. The kitchenaid mixer does a beautiful job at getting an even mix.

20131220-153147.jpg Phoebie wanted a go with the rolling pin and I let her try. She must have found it a little tough because she returned the rolling pin to me very quickly.


20131220-153359.jpg With our Christmas themed cookie cutters, Phoebie had a try at getting the shapes out.

20131220-153447.jpg I guess this was the job that she enjoyed the most, because she stood there, putting sprinkles on the cookies for a long time. Haha…

20131220-153543.jpg Tadah! The labour of love by “Chef Mummy” and “Chef Phoebie”, as Phoebie called us.

Baking cookies with Phoebie was certainly more enjoyable than I had expected.

Of course, there was a lot of reminders and warnings about the mixer when it was making the cookie dough, and about the hot oven that was baking the cookies. And then there was reminding Phoebie to get off her step stool carefully and slowly so that she didn’t hurt herself.

But way above and beyond all that, I loved the conversations we shared while baking together. Phoebie was kept busy and I could see what she was doing while she saw what I was doing too. It probably felt like some art session for Phoebie because of the different shapes and colourful sprinkles we used. Phoebie was so into it that she kept saying we were chefs.

Baking with my little sweetheart was a wonderful experience and we are certainly going to do it again. Now I just need to think of what else she can use to decorate the cookies with.


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