Shop & Play

Yesterday was a day of fun for mummies and kids as my friends and I went shopping for some stuff and the kids got to play together.

We first went to Nex for lunch, with the intention of going to this shop called King & King Wong after that. One of my friends had been there and found out that it was having a moving out sale. They were going to have 30% off store wide and they sold household items ranging from furniture to kitchen ware and even garden ware.

I didn’t take pictures of the place but I must say it reminded me of Crate and Barrel from the US.

With the 30% off store wide, a lot of things were definitely more attractive.


20131211-114148.jpg This is the before and after of Phoebie’s room with the wall sticker we had gotten from King & King Wong. The lovely wall sticker cost less than $6 after discount! Some of the other designs cost about $2 to $3 more but they were all under $10. Haha… All 4 of us who went shopping together bought some wall stickers for our homes.

I still have 2 more sets of wall stickers that I have yet to put up. I shall put up the photos after I do.

20131211-114600.jpg I also bought some Christmas decorations from King & King Wong. I can’t remember how much the golden Christmas trees cost but they were definitely under $5 after discount. The red bows were stated as $1 per packet (this is cheaper than Daiso) and when I checked my receipt, I saw that they only cost $0.65 after discount! That was a pleasant surprise to me. Haha…

So after the shopping, we went to Vivocity to check out the new Polliwogs outlet. We usually go to the outlet at Robertson Quay but we had heard that the new one at Vivocity had opened over the weekend. We decided to go and check it out. The outlet at Vivocity will be more accessible than the one at Robertson Quay because we wouldn’t have to walk a long way from the MRT station.






20131211-115405.jpg The new Polliwogs outlet at Vivocity is definitely smaller than its Robertson Quay branch. Yet it still manages to put in as many fun and challenging equipment as possible. The trampoline area is something that the Robertson Quay branch doesn’t have.


20131211-115639.jpg My friends who have 1 year-olds noticed that the play area for children 3 and below has more facilities at the Vivocity branch. It does look more fun for the younger kids because the variety here is bigger for them.

Generally, I think we all like the new Polliwogs at Vivocity. It’s clean and despite a smaller space, it still maintains the usual equipment that children love and find challenging. My only complaint is that the new branch is much colder. I know this isn’t something the management can easily change because shopping malls usually run on central air conditioning systems. Plus the ceiling at the Vivocity branch seems lower, so the cold air is more direct on its patrons. I guess we just have to bring some sweaters for the kids in case they get cold.

I do think we will go to the Vivocity branch more given its accessibility compared to the Robertson Quay branch.


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