Play Day

Today was play date day for Phoebie. We went on 2 play dates and Phoebie met up with different groups of friends.

First, we went to the Polliwogs at Robertson Quay with Ryan and his Mummy, Weiting. Weiting has been my friend since we were in secondary one and our kids are one year apart in age.

20131206-001224.jpg Other than taking this photo, the only other time Ryan and Phoebie spent some time together was when they took a break from playing and had lunch together. Haha… So much for play date. Both of them went about their own ways and played on their own.

I was really surprised at the crowd at the Polliwogs, given that it is school holidays now – there was no crowd!! Weiting and I probably saw less than 10 other different groups of adults there with the kids who were playing there. I was happy though, because it meant that all the kids had a lot of space to play and didn’t have to squeeze with too many other children.

After we ended our play date with Ryan, Phoebie took a nap in her stroller while I enjoyed some me-time at the Starbucks at Liang Court.

When she woke up, we were off to my friend’s place at Tiong Bahru.

The weather was quite nice in the evening today, so 3 of us mummies brought 5 children to the Tiong Bahru Park.

Tiong Bahru Park is located between Tiong Bahru MRT station and Redhill MRT station, behind Gan Eng Seng school. It was my first time there and I loved it!!!

20131206-002044.jpg I like to think that this Choo-Choo train playground is the main attraction there. It’s great for older kids because there’s lots to climb and slide, but with younger kids, parents will have to provide more supervision for sure.


20131206-002241.jpg I was curious what the inside of the train looked like, so I brought Phoebie up to explore. 2 of the carriages have ladders in the middle and because of the slanted design, it can be dangerous for younger children. But old kids will definitely love it.

20131206-002440.jpg Big old school merry-go-rounds are rare in Singapore now and there is one such equipment at Tiong Bahru Park.

20131206-002626.jpg To me, no playground is complete without swings.

20131206-002741.jpg There’s a little maze there and kids can explore it.


20131206-002850.jpg Last but not least, this equipment is like icing on the cake at Tiong Bahru Park. It’s a (is it called) flying fox! The only other playground I know that has this is Pasir Ris Park. And the one at Tiong Bahru Park has 2 sides, one of a shorter slide and one that is longer. Kids who are adventurous will love it.

Okay, I sound suaku but because today was my first time to Tiong Bahru Park, I was fascinated by it. Another reason is probably because there is no similar playground near my place. This playground is certainly a lovely haven for residents in the Tiong Bahru area.

Phoebie had tons of fun, having 2 play dates today. It’s certainly a far cry from staying home the past few days, (no) thanks to the monsoon rain. Hopefully there’ll be more days with such weather during this month, so that kids are not cooped up at home.


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