Settling Down

So it’s been 4 days since we’ve moved back to our own home, and I would like to think that we are doing alright. Hahaha…

I’m still finding ways to get certain parts of the house more organized but I’m not going to rush myself into it. Making the house organized will be an ongoing project for as long as we live here. I did, however, come across an article that one of my friends shared on Facebook, that certainly gives me more ideas on what I can do with certain spaces.

For those of you who are also looking for innovative ideas to get your home organized, here’s the link:

In the midst of organizing things around the house, I’m also looking at how we can help Phoebie settle down better. There’s quite a bit to be done before she starts preschool again in January.

I want to make sure she is okay sleeping in her own room and that she is comfortable there. So far, she’s been alright. On a couple of nights, she would stir and cry in her sleep and Ben and I would take turns to go to her room. The funny thing is how we are so exhausted that we end up falling asleep on the mattress in her room. Like this morning, I woke up and wondered for a while why I wasn’t on my own bed. Hahaha… I think we really have to make an effort to go back to our own bed once we comfort Phoebie and she falls back asleep.

I must say though, that she has been doing such adorable things in the morning. She seems to understand that Papa and Mama are tired, so when she wakes up, she would ask us for milk and once she is done drinking, she tells us to continue to sleep. She will then get busy, either at her art table, quietly coloring some pictures, or play with the toys that are in her room. This morning, for instance, she coloured a picture and wanted to show it to me. She saw that I was still sleeping, so she said, “It’s okay, Mama, you sleep. I’ll do some more colouring,” I wanted to laugh because she looked so adorable when she said that, but well, I was too sleepy to do anything.

While I’m on the topic of helping Phoebie settle down, I think being pregnant and settling down in a new home has its ups on downs. Phoebie is learning about how we do things now that we are not living with Gong gong and Popo (my parents), and I am trying not to get frustrated at the slightest thing. The hormones, however, can get the better of me sometimes.

I saw this article just a while ago and I loved how honest this parent of 3 young boys is.

After reading the article, I feel… Human. Hahaha… That I am not alone with my struggles as a parent and that people can advise whatever they want sometimes, but it just doesn’t cut it because they don’t live with Phoebie 24/7.

Oh, one thing that has been wonderfully therapeutic since moving home, is cooking. I love that I get to cook our own meals. Sure, it’s been more than a year since I had to cook for the family, and I must admit that staying at my parents’ place kind of spoilt me because my mum cooks almost every day. I thought I would find cooking a chore since it’s been so long, but I’m loving every bit of cooking! It gives me time to think and it gives me time to look away from the toys that are taking over the floor space in the living room.

So far, I’ve cooked udon soup and risotto and it’s great to see both Ben and Phoebie enjoying home-cooked food.

20131204-230206.jpg This was our udon soup lunch that I improvised.

20131204-230244.jpg And this is the chicken and mushroom risotto I cooked yesterday. I had gotten the recipe online and used the recipe as a guide. I say guide because I didn’t follow the ingredients exactly. I didn’t use garlic and white wine, and I used minced chicken instead of cubed chicken breast. Oh, and I used cheddar cheese instead of Parmesan because that was what I had in the fridge. Haha… But well, it turned out yummy anyway.

20131204-230732.jpg Phoebie doesn’t usually like porridge-like food but she loved the risotto, so it was good.

Phoebie seems to love it when I am cooking because she would “visit” and entertain me with adorable things she does.

20131204-230916.jpg There she sat on my step stool, “eating pie” while I cooked.

There’s still more to do at home, but we’re getting there. 🙂 This Saturday, we’ll host our first group of guests since we moved back officially and I’ll be cooking dinner. It’s going to be exciting! Hahaha…


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