Finally Back

So it’s December, the last month of year. With the start of the new month, we have officially moved home. There’s lots to do and we need to help Phoebie settle down and get used to our own home before the new year begins.

One of the many things we needed to do was to get the house organized. We needed to figure out where to put our things, and Phoebie had to know where to keep her toys.

This is where my trusty Polaroid camera came in handy. To help Phoebie pack her toys, I took Polaroid pictures of the respective toys and pasted them on the shelves that Phoebie had chosen for each category of toys.

20131201-203410.jpg This is the shelf in the living room where some of Phoebie’s toys are kept.

20131201-203549.jpg This is where her laptops go and she knows to put them there based on the photo.

20131201-203635.jpg Likewise, Phoebie knows to keep her minions toys here, thanks to the picture.

I also tried to make the kitchen a little more organized so that I can find my things.

20131201-203829.jpg The basket holds big plastic bags that we can use for the bigger trash bins and the recycled paper bag is holds small plastic bags for the smaller trash bins around the house.

20131201-204145.jpg I took my air tight containers out of their box and put them to good use, packing food products into them. Our kitchen equipment like the blender also finally saw daylight and was taken out of its box.

20131201-204324.jpg With the help of a packet of drawer organizers I had bought when we were in the US, I finally rearranged everything in the utensils drawer and for the first time, I saw how many ladles and tongs we actually had at home. Hahaha…

Phoebie is sleeping well in her own room so far, and we are praying she keeps it up.

There’s a lot more to be done, especially with Christmas round the corner. We are hosting a number of gatherings and are looking forward to blessing our family and friends at our place.


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