The Morning After

So this is the morning after Phoebie’s first night of sleeping by herself in her own room.

Phoebie has been sleeping in the same room as us since she was born. When she was a baby, she would be in her crib. When we came back from the US last year, we converted her crib into a toddler bed. We had wanted to train her to sleep in her own room when we came back. But because we were bunking in with my parents, we didn’t have the space.

Now that we are back in our own home, we are finally going to let her sleep in her own room. I didn’t want to delay this any longer because I don’t want Phoebie to feel like she had to move because of her younger sibling who will arrive in a few months.

We prepared Phoebie by showing her how we could see and hear her and even talk to her, even though we were not going to sleep in her room.

20131126-094550.jpg We showed Phoebie where the camera in her room was.

20131126-094630.jpg We also showed her how we could see her on the monitor.

She got very excited and experimented by saying hi to us via the camera.

So we went about her usual bedtime routine and put her in bed.

She took a while to fall asleep and that was understandable because she had never slept in her own room at night before. The excitement and perhaps some anxiety of being by herself through the night in a fairly new sleeping environment must have gotten to her a little.

Two hours after she fell asleep, we heard her crying and Ben went in to check on her. I could hear that she was crying for mummy, so I got out of bed and took over from Ben. I laid down on Phoebie’s bed and gave her a hug. She tossed and turned for a while and fell back asleep.

Once she was sound asleep, I went back to my room. And then I had difficulty falling back asleep. Haha… I guess I felt nervous about how Phoebie would do for the rest of the night.

I must have been dreaming when I thought I heard something and bolted right out of bed to Phoebie’s room. There she was, sound asleep on her bed. So I went back to my room and somehow slept better after that.

This morning, when Phoebie woke up, I could hear her stirring a little, so I watched her from the monitor.

She tossed and turned for a while and seemed to remember that Mummy was in another room. So she ran out of her room and came to my room. She was all smiles as I praised her for being brave because she had slept in her own room by herself. She beamed and nodded her head.

Phoebie loves it when we say she is brave, so I guess that is going to be the key word as we continue to encourage her about sleeping by herself in her room.

So it wasn’t that bad after all. And I guess I need to relax and just let the little girl grow.

We’ll be officially back in our own home starting December, so we shall continue this little adventure then.


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