The Way Meal Time Should Be

We’re going to stay at our own place tonight instead of my parents’ place because we’re expecting a delivery early tomorrow.

Over the weekend, I already thought of what I can cook for dinner tonight, bought the ingredients and put them in the fridge at home. That way, all I had to do was to bring Phoebie back with me.

It was raining after Phoebie woke up from her nap and when the rain got lighter, we left my parents’ place and went to wait for a cab. We probably waited for about 15 or 20 minutes before a cab came as the rain got heavier.

Once we boarded, I started fumbling through my bag for my phone. Alas! It wasn’t anywhere in my bag! I must have left it at my parents’!

This wouldn’t be a problem if we have a phone back at our own place. We didn’t. I needed to tell Ben to go back to my parents’ place to get my phone before he went back to our own place for dinner after work. But I had no phone!!!

While defrosting the chicken bones I needed for the soup for dinner, I decided to knock on my neighbours’ doors to borrow a phone so that I could call Ben. No one opened… I had no choice but to go back and cook dinner.

Suddenly, I remembered my old iPhone 4 which now serves as Phoebie’s entertainment phone. I checked my bag for it. There it was, with 6% of battery life left! Well, I thought, at least I could use wi-fi and use the Facebook messenger to seek help.

I quickly messaged my cousin whom would see the message for sure and she replied almost immediately. Thank goodness… At least she could help me tell Ben what I needed.

With that settled, I focused on cooking dinner. By the time I was finally done, it was 7.20pm and Phoebie told me that she was hungry.

The TV had not been turned on and I had no phone.

Both Phoebie and I sat at the dining table and had dinner together. Either she liked the dinner or she was quite hungry because she fed herself for most of the dinner. Usually, she would need more help with feeding.

All through dinner, Phoebie and I conversed. We watched each other as we ate. Spoon after spoon, Phoebie would point out what we were eating. She also narrated the scenes from her favourite shows to me and I listened intently.

Suddenly, it felt liberating without my phone at meal time. No chimes of incoming messages that I would leave the table to read. No urge to check Facebook.

Phoebie had no distraction too. No TV, no gadgets, no toys at the table. Just Mummy and Phoebie.

She continued talking while she ate, recounting what she had learnt in Sunday school yesterday about fishermen. I listened as I ate.

It felt nice.

This is how meal time should be. Even if I had my phone, I should really just switch it to silent mode and leave it in the room while I give Phoebie my full attention as we bond over food.

Dinner felt great today.


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