Out Shopping

Today was a much needed day out. It is only the second day of Phoebie’s school holiday, but I was already bored at home. Haha…

I decided to bring Phoebie out to have lunch with one of my friends, and then to go shopping after that.

Phoebie woke up at 7 plus in the morning, and while I thought she would fall back asleep (because I wasn’t ready to wake up), she didn’t. She played quietly in the room until I woke up at 9am. So by the time we were done with lunch, she was all ready for her nap. Great time for me to go shopping. Haha…

As my baby bump grows, I am running out of bottoms I can fit into and I really needed to go shopping. The maternity clothes I had when I was pregnant with Phoebie were long returned to the nice church friend who had lent them to me, so this time, other than the maternity tops I had bought at sales in the US, I don’t have many bottoms to wear.

One thing I don’t like to do in Singapore though, is to buy maternity outfits. They are overpriced and the designs are limited. So like many of my friends, I like to shop at non-maternity apparels shops for maternity apparels. Yes, that can be done. The best part is, the clothes most likely cost less than actual maternity wear.

I went to Forever 21 and while there were some possible bottoms, I don’t like animal prints. Haha… So I skipped them and headed to H&M instead.

20131119-215005.jpg Tadah! My new maternity pants! $24.90 for one and 70% off the 2nd piece! And because of the elastic waist band, they will last me well through my pregnancy and even after I give birth.

20131119-215201.jpg I also spotted these skirts. $17.90 for one and 70% off the 2nd piece. Again, thanks to the elastic waist band, these skirts will be handy throughout my pregnancy.

Yay!! I’m super happy today! Haha… I finally have bottoms that are fitting and comfy. Next time I go shopping, I’ll be looking for dresses.


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