Checkup Day

We spent all morning at the hospital today, with both Phoebie and i going for checkups – Phoebie for her 3 year old check and me for my pre-natal.

We started with mine and Phoebie was all excited to get to see the baby on the screen again. She tried to get as close as she could and talked to the baby to see if the baby would respond to her. Haha…

20131115-220638.jpg There the little one is, all snug and comfy at 15 weeks.

As usual, the first thing I looked for on the scan was the heartbeat. Nothing is more comforting than knowing my child’s heart is beating.

The gynae said everything looks good and the baby is doing well. So other than the pre-natal supplements, I no longer need to take the jabs and pills to stabilize the pregnancy.

With that piece of good news, we went on to the next appointment. Phoebie was in a good mood, and when we told her about seeing her pd, she replied us happily, as though she was going for a play date. Haha…

Her pd charted her growth and said she is growing well. He also noted her speech and cognitive abilities and said she’s doing great.

We forgot that Phoebie was going to have a jab for MMR booster and chicken pox vaccine, so we didn’t tell her anything. Turns out, it helps that she didn’t know because she was just going along with whatever was in the examination room.

To distract her from the jab, her pd poured out a bowl of candy and asked Phoebie to help him pack them back in the bowl. He said her if she wanted to eat a candy and Phoebie said yes. He then made sure Phoebie was seated safely on Ben’s lap with Ben securing her hands. He asked me to feed Phoebie a candy and as I fed her, he gave Phoebie the jab.

Feeling the sting, Phoebie went “ouch” and didn’t cry. The pd asked her if a mosquito had bitten and he was going to give her a plaster. With that, she was totally unaware she had just taken a jab.

Ben was so impressed by this little tactic the pd used that he kept praising the pd when we left.

20131115-221859.jpg This was her memory of today’s trip to the pd – that “Dr Lim gave me a circle plaster for my pain pain”. And she was actually happy about it. Haha…

Great checkup day, knowing both kids are healthy and growing well. 🙂 Nothing more that a mother can ask for.


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