Last Day Of School

It isn’t the official last day of school at Phoebie’s school today, but because we have a couple of checkups to go to tomorrow, we self-declared it her last day.

Can’t believe one whole school year has gone by. It feels like yesterday that we were wondering how she would cope in her new class.

20131114-195341.jpg Here she was on her first day, crying and not wanting to go to school.

Thankfully, she adapted really quickly and was very soon enjoying her daily two hours in school.

20131114-195906.jpg This is almost a daily scene, with Phoebie late 5 to 30 minutes (yes, 30!) and knocking on the door.


20131114-200335.jpg On days that we didn’t have to rush, I would explore different ways of tying Phoebie’s hair and she loved it. On other days (when we had to rush), it would just be a simple pony tail.

20131114-200627.jpg This was her school photo for this year. I found it amusing how serious each child looked. Even the class photo was really formal.

Overall, Phoebie enjoyed her school experience. She would come home, singing new songs, and even reciting what her teachers had taught her in her books.

Even though one of her teachers (who has since left her teacher role for another job) used to feedback very often about how Phoebie couldn’t sit still and would be up and about less than a minute after sitting down, disrupting the class as a result, I don’t really talk to Phoebie about that. Well, she was slightly past two years old when she started at the beginning of the year. And she is an energetic three year old now. Perhaps what I don’t understand is why the system expects children at that age to sit still and listen for more than 10 minutes.

Nonetheless, her term reports would come back, showing improvement.

20131114-201615.jpg This is her report for this term, a vast improvement from term 1, getting mostly “I”.
I had told her teacher earlier this week that today would be Phoebie’s last day instead of tomorrow, and her year-long teacher was really nice, giving Phoebie a big hug and wishing her the best. This was the same teacher who had to handle another parent’s complaint about Phoebie biting her child some time last week.

It turned out that the other child had snatched away the toys Phoebie was playing with and in a fit of anger, Phoebie bit her really hard. The parents and grandmother came to class, demanding to meet me at the end of class.

The first thing I did when we went into the classroom was to squat down and ask Phoebie if she had bitten that girl. Phoebie knew she was in trouble and kept saying no. In front of the girl’s grandma, I explained to Phoebie that biting is wrong, no matter what had happened and got her to apologise and give the girl a hug. Phoebie’s teacher explained that she had already apologized the day before and that the other girl also needed to learn not to snatch things and play nice (apparently, she would snatch toys and hit other children often). At this, the grandma looked somewhat embarrassed and said she would remind the girl frequently.

While Phoebie was wrong to have bitten the girl, I was really glad that the teacher wasn’t afraid to be frank and was objective in handling the situation.

Even when the girl’s father returned early this week to repeat his complaint over the same matter, the teacher handled it well and told me there was nothing more I could do because she knew I was already reminding Phoebie to play nice and to tell the teacher instead of biting if someone took her things. The teacher said Phoebie usually plays nice and didn’t give much trouble all year.

It was really nice to know that the teacher took things into perspective and didn’t condemn her student after one incident.

20131114-203120.jpg As a thank you, I wrote the teacher a card, commending her for her efforts and expressed our appreciation to her for nurturing Phoebie.

Thanks to Phoebie’s school, I also made friends with the mummies and grandmas who fetched kids from class daily. It was really funny when we exchanged numbers and suddenly asked for one another’s names after one whole year.

20131114-203534.jpg This adorable boy goes home and talks to his mum about Phoebie every day. Hahaha… He was really sad when his mum told him that they would be attending different schools next year. I told his mum that we can always have play dates so that they can meet again.

20131114-203904.jpg These are the kiddoes who walk home in the same direction as us every day and I think Phoebie is gonna miss running with them.

I cannot be more thankful for a wonderful school year, with Phoebie growing and learning so much.

I certainly look forward to next year when she goes to the school we queued hours for. Haha…


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