Delicious Healthy Recipes To Share

One of Ben’s cousins, Alicia (aka the founder of ), recently started a food blog to share her home recipes and this girl has amazed me with what she can do in the kitchen.

20131112-215844.jpg Sharing her now not-so-secret recipes, her food innovations can be found at

One of the things that Alicia amazed me with is making her own hazelnut spread, which essentially like making Nutella at home.

20131112-220203.jpg Imagine making healthy hazelnut spread for your kids! Or rather, don’t have to imagine anymore. Haha.. All we have to do is follow Alicia’s recipe.

Alicia also shares recipes for Asian and Western cuisine and I can safely say because her recipes are healthy, they are suitable for kids too.

Check out Alicia’s recipes blog here!


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