Long Fun Saturday

Today was a long day, but I’m happy it was long because it was spent in good company and good fun.

Phoebie and I had brunch with some of our friends at Ikea and after some play time at the cafe play area, the kids happily got to eat ice-cream.


20131110-002128.jpg See how happy the girls are to each hold their own cone? They were all so happy that it was really adorable.

20131110-002225.jpg Sonia was super happy to have a big cone of ice-cream like the big girls.

After Ikea, we headed to Singapore Expo for the Parenthood Fair organized by Motherhood magazine.

While the car park was very full (as usual), the fair wasn’t as crowded as I had expected. I’m not sure if it’s because the fair is half the size of the same fair last year.

Nonetheless, I love such fairs because diapers are always at a very good price. Depending on the brand, there can also be very interesting freebies too. Like the last time I stocked up on Huggies diapers, I got a free toddler scooter worth about $100.

Ben finished with his appointment and met Phoebie and I at the fair. After which, we made a quick trip to the supermarket to buy ingredients for making Shepherd’s Pie. I had been craving for it all week, and since my secondary school mates were gathering at our place, I figured I might as well make the pie.

The last time I made the Shepherd’s Pie was 4 years ago when we had our home dedication and I was going to cook it solely based on memory.


20131110-003316.jpg I sautéed minced beef with frozen mixed vegetables, seasoned them with some salt and black pepper and scooped them out.

20131110-003436.jpg Next, I mashed the potatoes I had been boiling in another pot. I remember seeing this method of mashing boiled potatoes from a sift while watching Masterchef Australia and decided to try it out. After the potatoes were mashed, I stirred and mixed salted butter into the potato over low heat.

20131110-003659.jpg The mashed potato was then spread over the sautéed minced beef and mixed vegetables.

20131110-003806.jpg Topped with cheddar cheese…

20131110-003848.jpg … And into the preheated oven for about 20 minutes.

20131110-003954.jpg I kept checking on the pies because I was worried the cheese would be burnt, and Phoebie decided to check the pies with me. Haha…

While we waited for our guests to arrive and for the pies to cook, we had a little Skype session with our dear friends who are in Dublin.

20131110-004144.jpg Phoebie’s godparents, Sebastian and Sharon, were trying to teach her something cheeky, even over Skype. Haha… It was really nice to see that they are doing well and settling in okay in Ireland.

As our friends started arriving, the Shepherd’s Pie was also finally ready.

20131110-004359.jpg Tadah! Nicely browned! 🙂

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about the taste. Thankfully, all those who tried it liked it. Most importantly, my craving was finally satisfied. Haha… And I have a feeling I may be cooking this again before the baby is due.


20131110-004618.jpg The night carried on with pizzas, pies, pastries, cakes, fruits, watching Tangled, playing Wii games and even a card game called hedbanz.

20131110-010008.jpg I love how we finally got to meet all the spouses and spouse-to-be tonight. Missing Reithna and Robin and Jeremy though. It’s amazing and exciting how our group is growing as we all settle down one by one. Can someone please have some kids soon so that Phoebie won’t be the only kid? Lol…

Almost 1am now, the day is finally almost over as I get ready for bed. It certainly has been a long Saturday but I must say I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. Definitely loved today!


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