Treasuring Good Weather

I’ve been bringing Phoebie to the park nearby for the past two days and she loves it.


20131107-201342.jpg It’s certainly great to be able to go outdoors after many days of rain in the evening. With the rainy season round the corner (or has it already started?), I treasure whatever good weather we get that Phoebie can play outdoors.


20131107-201647.jpg This was Phoebie trying to work the see-saw this evening. I wanted to laugh because she looked like she was working out at an outdoors gym.

It helps that I feel more energetic now after weeks of nausea and days of puking. I felt really bad for Phoebie when all I could do was lay in bed to cope with the light-headedness. The nausea and light-headedness were also what kept me from blogging as much as I wanted to.

And yes, we are expecting a baby. Haha… By God’s grace, we are into the 13th week now and after having to go for many weekly jabs, we are doing great.

I learnt today at the park at while I want to play with Phoebie in precious good weather, it gets a little challenging when I’m pregnant. Phoebie wanted to go on the swing together and after swinging with her for two minutes, I felt like I was going to throw up.

I’m glad we have been explaining to Phoebie about the baby because as the days go by, she is less demanding about me playing with her. When I tell her that I cannot run, she looks for something else to do.

I really hope the good weather in the evening keeps up so that Phoebie can get some fresh air as well as good running time.

Oh, and I have found really good use for the water pouch I bought some time back.

20131107-202932.jpg I got this water pouch some time back n it has been something that Phoebie would play with occasionally. I decided to fill it with tap water so that I could rinse Phoebie’s hands and feet after she played with sand.

20131107-203122.jpg It came in very handy indeed. The water doesn’t gush out, and after we are done washing up, the pouch is compact and can be flattened until our next use.

Let’s look forward to more days of fine weather for kids to play outdoors!!


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