Making Popcorn At Home

Phoebie was pretending to eat popcorn while she played and I was suddenly reminded of the yummy kettle corn I used to buy from a mall in the US. It kinda made me crave for popcorn. After googling for kettle corn recipes, I found one here and it looked really simple. I mean, I know popcorn isn’t exactly hard to make but I have never made it before, so I didn’t know what to expect until I saw the recipe.

I decided to go to the minimart downstairs to get some corn kernels and tried making some popcorn after dinner.

20131105-203002.jpg A little goes a long way when it comes to popping corn. This was half a cup of corn kernels to half a cup of sugar with a teaspoon of salt.

20131105-203133.jpg This was my first attempt and basically everything went right into the trash because it was mostly burnt.

I was upset and after my mum helped me wash up the pot, I tried again. This time, I made it a point to shake the pot a lot more often than I did the first time.

20131105-203418.jpg Second attempt certainly looked much better than the first time but I still had quite a bit of burnt corn and sugar. I also thought a lot of the popcorn wasn’t caramelized enough.

I rested for a while, thinking about the popcorn and finally decided to make one last attempt for the night. This time, I only cooked half the amount, so it was 1/4 cup of corn kernels and 1/4 cup of sugar with a pinch of salt. I decided to use the same amount of oil though, because a lot of my corn kernels didnt pop the last two attempts and I thought it had to do with the oil.

I also mixed the sugar, salt and corn kernels altogether in a bowl before I poured them into the pot.

20131105-204054.jpg After even more shaking than the second attempt, this was the product of the third attempt.

The popcorn certainly looked more caramelized now. But I still had some burnt popcorn. I realised it was because I turned off the stove a little too late. Timing and heat are indeed very crucial when making popcorn.

But now that I have tried making popcorn at home, I know that while it isn’t exactly simple, it’s really not that hard either.

So when the school holiday starts in less than two weeks, I’ll have an inexpensive and yummy snack to make for Phoebie when we watch movies at home. I shall practice again soon!


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