Day of Rest

I allowed Phoebie to sleep in and skip school today. She had a late night, going to the airport to send her godparents off and because she was over-stimulated, she woke up in the middle of the night, screaming n crying. I had anticipated the crying, judging from the amount of fun she had at the airport, so I wasn’t surprised.

20131023-205835.jpg Here’s Sebastian and Sharon wearing the scarf and beret I had knitted for them. Glad to see the length and size were good.



20131023-210007.jpg We are so going to miss these very important people in our lives. Let’s pray that we’ll get to fly to Dublin to look for you guys really soon.

So anyway, I tried to wake Phoebie up for school but I could tell she was really exhausted. In the end, I decided to let her sleep till she woke up naturally. I know kids need enough sleep to grow well, plus kids who lack sleep can be rather cranky.

Phoebie certainly “took advantage” and slept till 11am. Haha… I let her take a long bath, playing with bubbles. She must have been quite hungry after that because she finished all her lunch within 15 minutes, halving her usual minimum 30 minutes.

The rest of the day was rather laid back because I was kind of tired. While I napped, she sat quietly next to me on my bed, watching her favourite shows on the iPad.

By evening, I knew I had to get her to do a little something outdoors so that she wouldn’t be in front of a screen all day.

We went for a walk and got her practicing her paddle on her tricycle. She did well and she could paddle. But I also quickly realised that if she knew I wasn’t pushing, she didnt want to paddle. I had let go to clap and she immediately turned to look at me and said, “Push, Mama!”


20131023-210850.jpgLittle Miss told me she wanted to take photos when we were at the playground. Haha…

By dinner time, it was clear that Phoebie was going to have an early night since she didn’t nap.

As I type, Ben is reading her bible stories and she is tucked in bed. đŸ™‚ So night of rest is going to begin for us very soon because Phoebie is already in bed.


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