Sharon & Sebastian’s Big Day

We celebrated the holy matrimony of our dear friends aka Phoebie’s godparents, Sharon and Sebastian, at The White Rabbit today.

20131019-212724.jpg Into the “rabbit hole” we went to be a part of a really touching, tear-jerking wedding.

Phoebie is one of the flower girls and she was supposed to hold hands with little boy Zebedee, but at the last minute, she decided otherwise and was apparently rolling on the floor. I was the emcee at the wedding but I knew the Pastor was going to take care of the entire ceremony, so I went to the back and carried Phoebie. In the end, with Phoebie in my right arm and with Zebedee holding my left hand, we walked down the aisle together.

Waiting for Sharon to walk down the aisle was emotional. I’ve known Sharon for, well, many many years and she is like a younger sister, a really good friend.




20131019-213530.jpg With the beautiful setting at The White Rabbit, Sharon and Sebastian tied the knot and became husband and wife!!

I had the honour of hosting the luncheon and this luncheon was entertaining, touching, musical, and funny at times.

20131019-213825.jpg This was the menu of the day. I was rather busy, so I didn’t get to eat much. Ben says he loved the food, and I loved whatever I had time to eat. Haha…

20131019-213949.jpg Here’s Sharon’s very talented family, doing a song item during the luncheon.

20131019-214135.jpg Sylvie, Sebastian’s mum, gave a speech. One of Sebastian’s best friend and two of Sharon’s best friends also gave speeches that shared with guests more about the newly weds as individuals.

20131019-214503.jpg Other than hosting the wedding luncheon, I was also given the honour of performing a song item with my friends, Jinny and Joanie. Jinny was on the guitar and Joanie was on the ukulele. Both of them got comfortable sitting at the back and I was told to stand in front. -_-”

Nonetheless, this was probably one of the hardest song items I’ve done so far, singing Bruno Mars’ Count On Me, all the time remembering how Sharon and Sebastian will be leaving for Dublin in a couple of days to start their new life together.



20131019-215128.jpg What a beautiful couple! And how privileged and honored we are to be a part of their wedding and a part of their lives.

20131019-215306.jpg Special thanks to Joanie and Jinny for playing the instruments for our song item!

20131019-215418.jpg Here’s Vanessa and Renee, the bridesmaids aka Sharon’s childhood friends. We had so much fun over the past few days! 😀

20131019-215558.jpg With Roseline, Famous 5 is missing Karen, who couldn’t make it.

20131019-215639.jpg We welcome you to the Famous 5 + 1, Sebastian. So now we are Famous 5 + 2!

20131019-215901.jpg The adorable bride was super happy to be out of her heels and be in her comfy and trusty flip flops. Haha…

Sharon and Sebastian, thank you again for having us be a part of your special day. We love you both and the song I sang says it all. If you need us, we’ll be there. Have a wonderful life, be each other’s best friends and may you always have Jesus in the centre of your marriage. Xoxo!


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