Wedding Preparation Week

Of course, it’s not my wedding prep. Haha… Phoebie’s godparents, aka our good friends, Sebastian and Sharon are tying the knit this weekend, so it’s been prep week all week.

Busy as they are in the week leading up to their big day, they make sure they have time for Phoebie. So yesterday, they made a date with us to go to Food For Thought at Botanic Gardens. We’ve been to another branch of this fantastic brunch place but this was our first time to the branch at Botanic Gardens.

20131017-214132.jpg I love that the restaurant is tucked away like it’s a secret hiding place.


20131017-214338.jpg The little playground outside is in a shaded little corner. It may get really warm mid noon but it’s quite alright otherwise. The height of the little playhouse is perfect for little toddlers, even though the sign says it’s for kids aged 5 to 9. I honestly think 9 year olds are too big for this little playhouse.

After lunch, Sebastian and Sharon went to run the rest of their wedding errands. They were going to come over to our place to do their wedding briefing for their helpers later in the evening. Coming over, they had a little surprise planned for Phoebie. Sebastian had missed Phoebie’s birthday party because he is currently stationed in Dublin, Ireland, and he really wanted to celebrate with her.


20131017-215251.jpg Phoebie was just super happy to get to blow candles again. Haha… The Godpa got to celebrate with her, she got to blow candles and have cake, it was a win-win.

20131017-215425.jpg Alex, Sebastian’s father who had flown in from Madrid with Sebastian’s mum for the wedding, was super patient with Phoebie and played the fishing puzzle game they had gotten for her.

20131017-215813.jpg Sharon had ordered some simple catering from Neo Garden and I was pleasantly surprised by the containers and insulated bags the food came in. The delivery guy came like he was delivering pizza and along with the food, everything that was delivered was ours to keep.

I really liked the fried bee hoon and chicken curry from Neo Garden and will definitely consider their service in future.

The sweet and thoughtful people that Sharon and Sebastian are, they planned for a little manicure party for a few of us today. Manicurious, located along Beach Road, was a pleasant surprise.



20131017-220435.jpg This was the back of the store, where the nail palour is. I forgot to take photos of the front of the store, where they had a cafe area, and a shopping area where patrons can buy bags from brands like Jimmy Choo and Givenchy.

20131017-220819.jpg This was the package that Sharon had picked from for our little pampering session. Along with a private session with close friends, we got to have little refreshments.

20131017-220940.jpg I had chosen the strawberry and lime tart and I loovvveed it! It’s yummily sour and the taste is refreshing.

20131017-221106.jpg I had chosen package A and totally enjoyed the hand spa. It felt really good to have someone scrub and massage my arms.

20131017-221237.jpg This was my manicure. It’s simple but I like it.

I told my other girlfriends about Manicurious and I think it’s a really nice place to chill and do the girly stuff together.

Sharon and Sebastian also had their wedding rehearsal today, to which I can only say, I pray and hope their goddaughter aka my daughter will cooperate on the wedding day. Haha… Phoebie was willing to hold her partner, Zebedee’s hand, but was unwilling to walk down the aisle. She was more interested in running around and sizing up the venue. I hope she has had enough of that today.

2 days to go to Sharon and Sebastian’s big day! I shall leave my little speech to the wedding day. 😉


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