Phoebie’s Night Out With Papa n Godparents

Phoebie went on her first trip to the Night Safari tonight, thanks to her Godpa, Sebastian. I didn’t go because I wasn’t feeling well and Ben brought her on this outing with Godpa, Godma Sharon and the God grandparents-to-be. To-be because Seb and Sharon are tying the knot soon. Haha…

20131014-232048.jpg She was excited before she even left the house and I think reaching the Night Safari probably pumped her up even more.

20131014-232146.jpg And here’s the godparents, though Godma Sharon insists on being called Aunty Sharon.



20131014-232254.jpg Seb, and you wonder why I always make it a point to supervise what you teach Phoebie. Need I say more? Hahaha…

20131014-232503.jpg While I didn’t go on the trip, I was told that Phoebie behaved herself and she was the joy of the grown-ups who were with her. 🙂

I was told that while they went on the tram ride, at points when there wasn’t any animal, Phoebie would say, “There are no animals. Are they sleeping? How come there are no animals?” Haha…

I was also told that Sebastian’s parents enjoyed the time with Phoebie. That was a nice thing to know. 🙂

Tonight is just the first of a couple of outings to come with the godparents. I’m glad that Phoebie did well and more importantly, enjoyed herself.

Now, back to resting for me.


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