Phoebie’s Birthday

So the little girl’s birthday party is done and over with, and we celebrated the life that changed our lives and made us parents.

Tiring as it can be to plan and host a party, seeing the little girl’s wide smile makes it all worth it.

We don’t have all the photos yet, because we hired a photographer and he needs time to process the photos, but we have requested for some photos and he has sent some to us.



20131013-224641.jpgThe scene of little kids surrounding a birthday cake, trying to blow the candles is always so super adorable.

20131013-224855.jpg We love you, darling sweetheart!






20131013-225035.jpg We are thankful for everyone who attended Phoebie’s birthday and showered so much love over her. 🙂

With the cake as the centre piece of these photos, I must really thank Yu Hui, a home baker from, for that beautiful minion cake.

20131013-230334.jpg The cake was just what I had asked for and all the kids were eyeing the 4 minions sitting on it. Hahaha…

Ben had prepared a special present for Phoebie, and he had wanted her to open it at the party.





20131013-230626.jpg It was the “it’s so fluffy I could die!!” unicorn from the movie, Despicable Me. Phoebie loves it each time we find it while playing Minion Rush and calls it shay-de-lee because of the song that comes on in the game. It was awesome to see that huge grin on her face. She pretty much carried that around with her after that.

So today was like Boxing Day for Phoebie because she got to open up all her presents.


20131013-231120.jpg She saw a need to take photos of her presents as she opened them.



20131013-231216.jpg Phoebie is really blessed to have so many presents and cash gifts from the uncles and aunties who love her.

What I need to do now is to keep some of these presents and let Phoebie play with just a few of them at a time. She has so many things to play with, and I certainly don’t want her to get bored after a while and wait for more new toys to come in. Rotating different toys she has helps keep things fresh for her. Of course, the only ones I can’t keep are the ones that seem to be her all time favourites.

20131013-231700.jpg My parents couldn’t attend Phoebie’s party because of my dad’s diet routine, so we thought they could share the joy of celebrating Phoebie’s birthday still, even if in a much smaller scale.

20131013-231834.jpg Of course, the little girl was more than happy to get to blow out another candle. That gleeful smile says it all.

So, the party is over, the gifts have been unwrapped and the cake has been eaten. But what Phoebie’s birthday commemorated really means so much more.

Blessed birthday, sweetheart. Thank you for coming into our lives. The day you were born is still so fresh in my mind like it was just yesterday. I may have left a job and a company I love, just so I can personally bring you up, and this may have meant a little more financial responsibility on your Papa, but I know both your Papa and I agree that it is all worthwhile, just watching you grow. Sure, there are challenging times when I really just want a break, but you always make things all better, especially now that you give such big hugs and kisses, and always telling me, “I love you, Mama”. Cheeky boo, Mama’s wish for you is simple – be joyful, be safe and be a blessing, always. Loving you!


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