Preparing For Phoebie’s Party

There wasn’t much to do in preparation for Phoebie’s birthday party because we had booked a venue and the game plan is to let kids do whatever they want. We had also ordered food from the caterer, so we didn’t have to worry about refreshments.

What we needed to do was to prepare some party flavours for Phoebie’s friends who will be attending the party, which means we ha a bit of shopping to do. So we went to various places yesterday to get the things that will put the goodies bags together.

20131011-214116.jpg Lunch time before shopping, father and daughter were clearly bored. Hahaha…

After lunch, we went to Daiso and got some of the items, and then trotted to Spotlight to get the face-painting material. My cousin, Bi Hsin, had volunteered to help do some face painting and I decided to let her do it. Hopefully, this adds variety to what kids can do at the party.

I didn’t manage to get everything we needed and decided to go to a SKP store in a mall near home. That turned out to be a disappointing trip because that SKP outlet had lesser things than I thought.

In the end, we went to a little-known neighborhood shop I vaguely remember that might have what we needed. True enough, it did.

20131011-215019.jpg This store is located at the row of shops behind the ex Hougang South interchange, near Kovan MRT station, along the same row as DBS. It may not be very eye-catching from the outside, looking like your every day neighborhood store, but…

20131011-215236.jpg it’s got so much stuff! It has the bigger sized party bags that I couldn’t find at SKP. And it’s got interesting little items that perhaps someone who needs a mass of small gifts can consider.

20131011-215847.jpg This particular shelf contains some really old school party favours and I loved it.

20131011-220044.jpg This one, I love! It’s actually an inflatable paper ball. And it is certainly going into the goodies bags for Phoebie’s party. I think it’s nice to introduce such old school toys to the younger generation. 😉

20131011-220542.jpg And so, after unpacking, categorizing and packing again, I was done with the goodies bags. Phew…

Today, I decided to let Phoebie try on her birthday party dress we had ordered from Xoxohandmade and see how she looked in it.

20131011-221138.jpg The dress fit her nicely and she looks adorable!




After what was turning into a mini photo shoot,

20131011-221340.jpg the exasperated daughter told me she had enough of taking photos. Hahaha…

I may be done with my preparation but apparently, my cousin, Bi Hsin, and my friend, Li Qi, are doing little preparations of their own. I wonder what they are up to. Haha… We shall find out at the party.

I hope you enjoy the party tomorrow, sweetheart. You’re turning 3!


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