Photo Shoot For Baby Rachelle

Baby Rachelle is the adorable daughter of Enon and Ke Jie. I made arrangements with Mummy Enon to do a photo shoot for baby Rachelle and had offered to go over to their home, however, as their pet dog is very protective over baby Rachelle, Mummy Enon was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get any photos taken. So, they came over to my place yesterday to do the photo shoot.

For a two and a half months old baby, baby Rachelle is very alert and can already recognise places. She wasn’t very happy when she arrived, but thank goodness, Mummy Enon did a wonderful job calming her down. Mummy Enon said that baby Rachelle liked to take power naps and would only nap for 10 minutes or so each time, so in the 2 hours they spent at my place, baby Rachelle took 2 or 3 power naps. Hahaha…

I’m glad Mummy Enon is very understanding towards how her baby is in new environments and took time to let baby Rachelle settle down when we went into the room where the shoot was supposed to take place. So with Mummy Enon’s help, I took photos for baby Rachelle.











I particularly like the photos when baby Rachelle was on her tummy. She has such amazing neck strength at her age! And she really held her head up for quite long, long enough for her mummy to even change a headband for her. =D Only thing though, was that baby Rachelle didn’t really want to smile, so Mummy Enon dubbed her “the serious baby”. But i must say, smile or not, she is adorable. =)
With every baby or child I work with, I certainly learn new things each time and I’m thankful for that. And here’s what I learnt from the photo shoot with baby Rachelle:

1. Mummy knows best. I mean, of course I know that, but in this shoot, Mummy Enon played a really vital role because she knows baby Rachelle the best and she was quick to react to baby Rachelle’s little cues. She was also the best person to calm baby Rachelle and assist me in the shoot.

2. It’s okay to take multiple breaks. What is most important is that the model is comfortable and happy. So whenever baby Rachelle got a little cranky, we took short breaks.

3. Make good use of breaks. While Mummy Enon was pacifying baby Rachelle during the breaks, I adjusted the scene and background, so once baby Rachelle was calmed and ready to go again, I had something ready for her too.

4. Adjust the room’s temperature to the baby’s comfort level. I had initially kept the fan in the room off because baby Rachelle was going to be naked, but baby Rachelle started to get cranky and Mummy Enon told me that baby Rachelle doesn’t do well in a warm room, and so we got the fan running.

5. Always give the baby time (and space). Because baby Rachelle’s shoot was done in a place she was unfamiliar with, she needed time to settle down. And while i spent some time warming up to her before we started the photo shoot, she wanted to be carried by her Mummy at different points during the photo shoot. Mummy Enon did an excellent job by taking her on a little walk around my place while I gave her a comfortable distance for her to calm down.

6. Don’t rush but be quick. That sounds a little confusing, but what I mean is basically not to rush the baby but be quick behind the camera. The baby could be calm one moment and crank the next, so snap photos quickly when the baby is calm, but don’t rush the baby to calm down when she is cranky.

7. Have fun and enjoy the baby for who she is. Acknowledge that babies, like grown-ups have characters of their own, and even moods. Okay, this sounds more like a parenting advice, but I certainly think it applies when we take photos of different babies. When I told myself to embrace the fact that baby Rachelle may not smile at me and that it was perfectly okay, I think it helped me relax instead of fretting over how the photos will turn out.

I really appreciate Mummy Enon’s assistance in this shoot. She was the one who made the shoot possible because she knew her baby so well and she was very ready to calm her baby down when needed. She was also flexible with her plans, changing them based on how baby Rachelle was doing. She had initially wanted baby Rachelle to be in a particular outfit she had brought, but seeing that baby Rachelle wasn’t entirely comfortable in a new environment, she decided to scrap the outfit.

Thanks again for letting me work with baby Rachelle! =)


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