Busy Sunday

I know, it’s Monday today, I know. But I was too zonked yesterday to write anything and so, here’s the make up entry. Hahaha…

Yesterday was a busy Sunday because we had a couple of events to attend.

Phoebie usually loves Sundays because she gets to go to Rock Kidz, our Church’s Sunday School for children. She was especially excited when she got to Church yesterday because she saw mascots and people and costumes walking around. Rock Kidz was having its Children’s Day celebration.


There she is, super happy to have her photo taken with the mascots. She was so happy that she jumped up and down after her photo was taken, much to the amusement of her Sunday School teachers. =D

After Church, we headed home for Phoebie to take a nap. We had a birthday party to attend later in the day and Phoebie really needed to nap. Otherwise, well, let’s just say she wouldn’t be a very pleasant guest.

We arrived at Ang Mo Kio Hub’s ExplorerKid for Thaddeus and Thea’s combined birthday party.


Thea, or meimei Thea as we always call her, turned 1! And her big brother, Thaddeus, turned 4! How time flies…


Here’s the handsome birthday boy enjoying his refreshments.


And here he is, showing his cheeky, or was it a rocker look? Lol~ Either way, he knew he was on camera.


Ben took a gorgeous photo of birthday girl Thea and her parents, Elaine and Damien.

Two birthdays in one meant that we had 2 birthday cakes and they were both representative of the birthday children.


Here’s meimei Thea’s beautiful jelly cake.


And here’s korkor Thad’s yummy Super 4 year old cake.


It might have been dark but the kids were all so excited about the cakes that they weren’t bothered by it.


I didn’t manage to take a good photo of the family, so i grabbed this off Elaine’s facebook. Hahaha.. Sorry, Elaine. But I wanted to put the family photo here because they are a really beautiful family. =)

The next few photos are of Phoebie and her friends having fun at the party.





ExplorerKid is an indoor play facility that is similar to places like Polliwogs and Peek-a-boo. This was our first time there, and while I didn’t really step out of the party room, I knew Phoebie was having fun because she totally enjoyed the play area. She loved it so much that she didn’t participate in the party games organised by the staff.

Initially, Ben and I had (more or less) forcefully kept her in the party room because we wanted her to follow the party programme. But she was whining and crying and I thought she was a disruption to the party. I didn’t want to make it unpleasant for everyone else, especially the hosts, so I ultimately relented and allowed her to go to the play area and not participate in the party games.

The moment I did that, she immediately enjoyed the party a whole lot more. In fact, she was so happy that she gladly and automatically came back to the party room when it was time for cake cutting. That really made me rethink how I should help Phoebie enjoy birthday parties. If she is distracted by the environment and is unhappy and reluctant to follow the party programme, is there any point in insisting that she does? I guess this is one of those “pick the right battles to fight” kind of parenting situations.

I’m thankful that at the end of the day, she enjoyed herself, and she didn’t spoil the party for the birthday kids by crying and whining the entire time.

Thanks, Damien and Elaine, for hosting the party, and for being tolerant when Phoebie was crying. =)

To korkor Thaddeus, I can’t believe you are already 4! I still remember you as a newborn baby. =D May you grow up big and strong like your Daddy.

To meimei Thea, you’re such a beautiful, smiley girl! May you always keep that joy.


One thought on “Busy Sunday

  1. Yeah.. Pick the battle to fight rule of thumb… If it doesnt hurt anyone, and the child is happier with it, let it go… I’ve gotten an insight about parenting after a round of supervision… Parenting is like counseling, where it is client (child) centered… Sometimes, we counsellors just have to respect child’s decision, and go their way…

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