Registration for New School

Phoebie’s school-to-be had its registration day today. It was nice to get to see the school environment, as well as to meet the principal and the teachers.


20131005-221038.jpg I really loved that the school administrator did a proper introduction of the principal, and the principal also made it a point to introduce every teacher.

The principal did great with setting expectations right with parents. She shared the values of the school, the areas that children will be groomed in, and shared how the children are taught through play. I like that she reminded us how the school believes in every child and pays attention to each one. She told us that some children in the school may have special needs, and if other parents are bothered or mind the behaviour of these children, then perhaps these parents should look elsewhere for a kindergarten. Her reason is that children with special needs may not always have kindergartens that will take them, but other children generally have no problem for schools to accept them.

Hearing this, I felt very comforted, knowing that Phoebie will not be labelled or ignored because of her cheekiness. I know I can take the principal for her word because one of my friends, whose son is in the school currently, had shared her son’s experience with me.

Her son had been rather overwhelmed by the new environment and was crying most of the time. The principal personally took the boy by his hand and brought him everywhere as she did her rounds on the first few days of school. She had given the boy her attention and personally saw to it that the boy could adjust comfortably. I must say, this is a rare and yet very fine example of a principal.

No wonder this kindergarten is so sort after in the area.

20131005-222041.jpg Phoebie was certainly very comfortable when she saw the classrooms.

I think Ben and I are pretty assured that Phoebie will be in good hands come the new school year. I hope Phoebie will enjoy growing up there for the rest of her pre-school years.


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