Happiest Girl Today

Phoebie must be the happiest girl today because she had been counting down to her Papa’s return.

20131004-221755.jpg She was excited all morning, all the way till we went on our way to the airport.

20131004-221913.jpg Once we got to the airport, she asked to sit at a chair and started her wait for her Papa to appear.


20131004-222237.jpgWhen she finally saw her Papa walking from afar, she started squealing in excitement. When I say squealing, I really mean squealing. Ben could hear her even with the thick glass in between. Haha… She asked to hi-five from her side of the glass. I think if I didn’t stop her, she might have dashed into the belt area.

20131004-222517.jpg This was probably the biggest (and hardest) kiss Phoebie has planted on Ben. Ben was so surprised by how much strength she used that he said, “Wah! So hard!”

Phoebie had been waiting for Ben to have lunch with us and she had wanted spaghetti, so when we walked past Fish & Co and saw the promotion poster, we went in.

20131004-222740.jpg Kids eat for free when we order an ala-carte main course, and we have always liked the service at the Fish & Co at Terminal 2, so why not?


20131004-222927.jpg I thought it was very thoughtful and nice of Fish & Co to prepare little gifts for kids who dined there, on top of the free meal.

20131004-223053.jpg So there she is, happily reunited with her Papa. 🙂

20131004-223235.jpg She was so happy that even after eating quite a bit of spaghetti, she asked for dessert. Her appetite was really good.

20131004-223345.jpg And she loved the cake so much that she didn’t want the ice cream that came with the kids meal, so guess who had the ice cream instead. Haha…

Let’s hope Phoebie keeps up her happy mood, now that her Papa is back. 🙂 And welcome home, dear!


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