Preparing For Children’s Day

Phoebie’s school celebrates Children’s Day tomorrow, and each child has to bring some snacks to share with the class. I figured it’d be nice to give each child a little gift too, so I decided to head down to the Robinsons Expo Sale to see if I can get some good deals. Robinsons Expo Sale is one of my favourite sales because there are always good deals.

My trip today is very specific, so I tried not to buy what I want but may not need yet. Haha… Ben, you should be proud of me.

But of course, I did look out for great deals that I can consider. The sale is on until this Sunday.



20131002-203447.jpg Crayola galore!! I am a Crayola fan because they have all kinds of products to get creative, and they have washable versions of each product. What holds me back from buying Crayola in Singapore is the price. Thank goodness I stocked up (yes I did) quite a bit of Crayola crayons when I was in the US.

I must say though, that the Crayola products at this sale are of reasonable prices in Singapore standards.

20131002-203905.jpg For instance, this activity pack, complete with puzzles and markers, usually sold at $29.90, is $14.90 at the Robinsons sale. Good deal!

20131002-204241.jpg This box of twistable crayons, usually $22.90, is $14.90 at the sale. Again, good deal!

I also spotted something I saw for the first time at the sale.

20131002-204441.jpg The Meiji collagen powder was on sale.

20131002-204545.jpg I’ve seen products like this a lot on Taiwanese talk shows and apparently, people add spoons of this to their drinks or food to get their daily collagen supplement for good complexion. I’m not sure about the effects but I suppose if any mummy is interested, you can try it out.

I was also on the lookout for household stuff since we will officially move home soon and I found this:

20131002-204835.jpg a very neat and handy rice container. This container can hold up to 10kg of rice, so it’s great if I intend to buy big packets of rice. The container is going for $16.

Okay, so after walking around a bit, I finally picked up the things I was there for.

20131002-205121.jpg I decided to get these bubble swords for Phoebie’s classmates because well, all kids love bubbles.

20131002-205213.jpg I also got this as Phoebie’s contribution to the snack party tomorrow.

After coming home from the sale, I decided that I should perhaps at least write a little something on the bubble swords, so it feels like a Children’s Day gift.

20131002-205431.jpg I cut up some of Phoebie’s old colouring paper and wrote a few words on them.

20131002-205524.jpg I then cut them into smaller pieces of paper and pasted them on the bubble swords.

20131002-205611.jpg Tadah! Gifts for Phoebie and her classmates. So the label I made isn’t very big but I think it’s enough. Haha…

Hopefully the kids will like it.

Have fun at the Children’s Day party tomorrow, Phoebie!


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