The Tale of the Frog Prince

20130928-232526.jpg Phoebie and I had a little date today at this performance. 🙂 We went to the Singapore Repertory Theatre to catch it.

Today is like the second last day of the performance and I only realised it was on when my friend who had an extra ticket offered to take Phoebie to the show. Haha… My friend was going to catch the 2pm show and because it was around Phoebie’s nap time, I was worried that Phoebie might be cranky and may give my friend trouble, so I decided to take her instead.

By the time I got the tickets a couple of days ago, they only have circle seats left, so I got stall seats so that Phoebie could be closer to the stage.

20130928-232856.jpg Here’s Miss Curious “reading” the show programme.

20130928-232950.jpg And here’s excited us, all set for the show.

I must say, I really love the twist in the show. And even though it was supposed to be a 45 minutes production, all the singing and dancing made it feel like it was longer, longer in an enjoyable way.

There were catchy songs and even audience interaction. I really liked it. Phoebie was able to point out what she was watching and she was able to relate at points when the actors were showing different emotions.

Children shows at the Singapore Repertory Theatre are great because the shows are interactive, and kids being kids, are allowed to be a little noisy.

The last time Phoebie went for a performance like this was a few months back, watching Goldilocks with Ben. I didn’t go because it was a daddies-and-kids outing with our friends.

This time, I’m glad I brought her. I think the show was engaging and kids were constantly captivated by what was going on on stage. The actors certainly did a great job, portraying the story too.

I’ll definitely be looking out for more shows to bring Phoebie to. Oh, and stall seats really aren’t bad because we got a bird’s eye’s view and we were quite close to the stage. 😉


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