Rainy Day Entertainment

Day 3 of Papa Ben being away and it’s a super rainy day. Nonetheless, it’s a good day.

20130925-221702.jpg Phoebie woke up early again today, so I had some time to play with her hair before school. I’m considering letting her don this hairstyle for her class photoshoot tomorrow. Haha…

After Phoebie went to school, I went to have breakfast with my friend. I love breakfast dates because it means I must eat breakfast. Only thing though, is that I must rush back in time to pick Phoebie up from school.

20130925-222006.jpg Ahh… Breakfast…

20130925-222033.jpg My friend’s daughter, Amelia, is finally more familiar with me and is willing to pose for me. Haha…

After a short date with my friend and her daughter, it was time to pick Phoebie up from school. It was pouring, so I brought her raincoat.

20130925-222333.jpg I must say that I secretly loves it when it rains because I think Phoebie looks super cute in her raincoat. Haha… The walk home from school is sheltered but I just like seeing her wear this.

Oh, I asked Phoebie’s teacher if she is doing better in class now and the teacher’s reply made me wonder. She said that Phoebie seems cheekier this term, and that when she marked attendance, she would call out “Naughty Phoebie” and Phoebie would answer no.

I know my daughter is cheeky. In fact, she has always been. Maybe she is showing it a little more now that she is very comfortable with her teachers. But to mark attendance by calling out “Naughty Phoebie” isn’t very nice. I must be honest that I don’t like that at all. As a teacher, I hope she corrects and teaches the child, not label the child.

Sigh… Maybe this is something pre-school teachers need to think more about. Sometimes, kids just remember the label and it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Anyway, because Ben is away, I take more photos of Phoebie and post them here so that he doesn’t miss out.

20130925-223103.jpg Phoebie had the chance to do a quick Skype session with her Papa during lunch time and I could tell that Phoebie was really happy to see him. Thank God for the convenience of technology.

20130925-223241.jpg My sweet angel and her Qiqi must nap together. Haha…



20130925-223406.jpg Phoebie must really love my hat because she keeps wearing it. Ah well, at least she is making more use out of it.

20130925-223510.jpg And so, to end the rainy day, my sweetheart and her best friend. Hahaha…


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