Much Better

Day 2 that Ben is away, today is a much better day.

For one, Phoebie woke up on time for school. Haha… And I had a little more time to tie her hair.

20130924-215614.jpg Here’s the lil’ miss checking herself out in the mirror before going to school.

Oh, and no more complaints from her teachers today. Haha… I asked her to apologise to her friend and she did so. I’m quite proud of her that she did that.

I got quite bored of staying at home, so we went out for lunch.

20130924-215959.jpg Phoebie insisted that her best friend, Qiqi, came with us, so the bunny got to go out with us all day.

20130924-220139.jpg As requested, angry bird udon. So I had sushi. Haha…

20130924-220431.jpg Phoebie wanted to play at the kiddy ride area for a while, and since we had some time before meeting my friend, she got to go.

On the way to meet my friend for tea, Phoebie was talking non-stop in the car, as usual. And then I heard silence.

20130924-220642.jpg She had fallen asleep. Haha…

The annoying thing though, was that when I put her in the stroller so that she could continue to nap, she woke up and told me she didn’t want to rest and that she was awake. I pretty much ignored that and covered up her stroller and walked around, waiting for her to fall back asleep.

By the time I met my friend about 30 minutes later, she was still awake. When she heard me talking to my friend, she kept saying, “I wake up, Mama. I wake up!”

No, sweetheart, you barely napped.

I continued to ignore her because I knew she would eventually give up and fall back asleep. I didn’t want her to “survive” on that power nap of 10 minutes or so because I knew she would become Miss Cranky Pants by dinner time without a good nap.

So she screamed and kicked and fussed in her stroller for another 30 minutes or so before she finally gave up and fell asleep. Thank goodness she slept for a good hour and a half after that. Toddlers are really more pleasant when they have enough rest.

20130924-221256.jpg This is my friend’s daughter, Sonia, making a funny face. Haha… I had to put this up because I think it is so adorable. Sonia was doing this while we waited for her mummy to pack dinner,

20130924-221409.jpg and while Phoebie was snoozing in her stroller.

20130924-221453.jpg Phoebie asked me for my hat on the way home and when we reached a red light, she told me, “I’m a cowgirl with Qiqi.” I turned around to look at her and couldn’t stop laughing. Haha… Where does she get those ideas from??

So Ben, Phoebie is doing much better today, minus being cranky when forced to go back to nap. Oh, and she still thinks that Papa is taking the aeroplane. Haha… What a “long” flight it must be.

Oh, and Phoebie’s customized birthday dress from Xoxohandmade is done!

20130924-222015.jpg I love how the color turned out! 🙂 special thanks to Joann for specially ordering the fabric for this dress. Can’t wait for it to arrive in Singapore.


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