Just You and Me

Today is the start of my little journey with Phoebie together, just her and me for the next 11 days as Ben leaves for a work trip today. It’s not the first time that we’ve had to do this but it’s been more than a year since we had to do something like this, so I’m gonna have to take a couple of days to adjust.

The good news is that Phoebie has since grown quite a bit since the last time Ben left us for a work trip, so to some extent, it can be easier to handle her.

20130923-225522.jpg Here’s Ms Cheeky and her Papa before he left for the airport. We told Phoebie that Papa was going to take the airplane and that he would be away for a while. The funny thing is, when someone asked her where Papa is, she said, “Papa is taking the aeroplane.” Hahaha…

After sending Ben off, I came back to rest for a while, bracing myself for the 11 days ahead with the little girl.

That proved to be necessary when I picked Phoebie up from school, only to head some complaints about her from her teachers. Apparently, Phoebie had spit at two of her classmates and she was observed to have hit some of her classmates with toys. And so the challenge begins.

I knew my parents would interfere when we got home, so at the staircase landing, I talked to Phoebie and asked her about her behaviour. I knew she was afraid that I was going to scold her from the expression she gave. When I asked her if she had spit at her friends, she said no. I told her that her teachers had told me about her behaviour and I could see her face changing. I told her she was going to naughty corner when she got home and she told me she didn’t want to go home.

I carried her home, got her to take her shoes off and marched her to naughty corner. My mum asked me what happened and I told her she had misbehaved in school. My mum’s next sentence surprised me. She said sometimes teachers “anyhow say”, so just let her be. I looked at her and said, “That’s not the way to discipline children.” At the back of my mind, I knew that if I was the one that teachers complained to her about, I would get punished when I got home.

I ignored my mum and told Phoebie to stand in naughty corner. The good thing about Phoebie is that when she knows she is punished, she will stay put at the naughty corner.

Phoebie started to force tears out when my dad came over to talk to her. My mum knew by then not to interfere, and told my dad to leave Phoebie as she stood in punishment. I told Phoebie that if she was going to cry when she did wrong, I was going to smack her. I took out the long ruler that I used to smack her with the last time (which was months ago), and told her to stretch out her hand. Hard as it was, I smacked her hand. I barely used any strength but I guess the gesture was enough for Phoebie to cry even louder.

She went on for a few minutes, so in order to prevent potential interference from anyone else, I carried her into the room and locked the door. I told Phoebie to let me know when she was ready to talk.

She went on crying for a few more minutes before she stopped. I carried her and told her to look at me. I then asked her if it was right to spit at people or to hit people with toys. I know it was ironic that I had hit her with a ruler earlier, but sigh, I had to get the message across. I explained why she had to go to naughty corner and why I hit her. After talking for a while, she agreed that it wasn’t right to spit at or hit her friends. I told her that she was to apologise to her friends tomorrow.

After the disciplining was over, I hugged her for a while and told her that I love her. She hugged me back and said softly that she loved me too.

What a start to our 11 days without Ben around.

The later half of the day was a lot more pleasant, thank goodness.

20130923-231452.jpg I took a photo of her angelic face while she was napping and sent it to Ben.

20130923-231533.jpg This was when Phoebie “hijacked” my headphones while I answered a phone call.

I’m praying that the next 11 days will pass in a breeze. Hahaha… Phoebie, please be cooperative. Mummy would like a pleasant time with you.


One thought on “Just You and Me

  1. Sigh… Disciplining… The books got it all wrong… The “terrific” twos continues at three… Ironic it is to counter smacking with them hitting.. But what else can we do right… I’m still figuring out an alternative way… And hopes at the end of it, the kids will forgive me too…

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