More Work Done

So the Mister finished up with the rest of Phoebie’s things that needed to be assembled, which makes me very happy because it means the living room is a lot less cluttered and also that Phoebie has more things to entertain herself with.

20130921-213214.jpg This was the one he worked on first, and realised he should have charged his Black and Decker drill. No power in the drill, so he had to manually make every turn on the screwdriver.

20130921-213506.jpg My job was a lot easier – pasting stickers. Hahaha…

20130921-213555.jpg So Ben fiddled with the set and…

20130921-213716.jpg Tadah! The product is all set up!

20130921-213858.jpg Phoebie dashed to her kitchen when she woke up from her nap and immediately started “cooking”. 🙂

20130921-214018.jpg The art table was the other piece Ben had to finish up today. Not too sure how long he took with this one, because I was taking a nap with Phoebie. Hahaha…

20130921-214138.jpg I think the table looks very good in her room 🙂

20130921-214358.jpg Oh, and Ben finally got the iRobot out of its box and changed the plug to local fit, so I guess cleaning the floor is going to be a lot easier now. Good news for me!

Good job, husband, on getting all the things set up!

20130921-214725.jpg The karung guni rejected the cardboard we kept, waiting for him to come by, so we ended up throwing them away, just so we can finally clear all the space this stack has been taking up.

I must say I was surprised that the karung guni was so specific with what he collected and what he didn’t. Oh well.

Oh, and we introduced Phoebie to a new Chinese animation today.

20130921-215157.jpg This series comes with our own childhood memories. It is highly educational because it explores how things work or why things are the way they are. A lot of people my age grew up watching 十万个为什么.

20130921-215646.jpg I’m glad Phoebie liked it the first time we showed her the show because it will certainly help with her learning more Mandarin.

Okay, so we are mostly done with the house. What should be assembled are assembled, what should be unpacked are… Well, mostly unpacked. Haha… Can’t wait for the couch to arrive!


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