His Turn

Today is finally Ben’s turn to do some work in the house. Haha…

He was packing the clothes he wanted to donate and found his old memories.

20130920-224940.jpg His old Boys’ Brigade uniform looks pretty good. He must have been a handsome young chap in this. Well, he’s still handsome now. Hahaha…

20130920-225106.jpg He also found an old Star Trek shirt. This one, I don’t know how to appreciate.


20130920-225310.jpg So after all week of packing, this is all that we are donating (plus a whole bag of bags that we forgot to bring down).

20130920-225544.jpg I also asked Ben to fix up the wagon he had insisted on buying when we were in the US, to get the big box out of the way in the living room.

20130920-225953.jpg This is what the wagon shld look like.


20130920-230258.jpg Tadah! The wagon is done!

We have kept the umbrella for now cos the wagon will be a bench in Phoebie’s room. Some day, we will bring her for a picnic with this. đŸ™‚ Good job, Papa, for fixing up the wagon!

20130920-230502.jpg Phoebie got a little playtime at Ikea Tampines’ play area and I thought it was quite funny when she tried to carry the whole stack of pots.

20130920-230710.jpg And she thought it was fun to do this at Giant Hypermart. Haha…

20130920-231038.jpg Oh, by the way, if anyone is looking for a garment steamer, this one is going for $39.99 at Giant Hypermart.

Alright Ben, get ready cause you have more things to assemble tomorrow! ;P


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