Cleaning, Sifting & Fixing

Major washing today. The washing machine was practically on the whole 5 hours Phoebie and I were home.

I’m washing up all the clothes and bags that we will be donating to the thrift shop that my previous company runs. Donating the pre-loved clothes and bags will clear up space for us in our wardrobe, help my previous company raise funds and people get to buy good pre-loved apparels at an affordable price. So it’s a win-win-win situation. πŸ™‚

While the washing machine was washing non-stop, I tore off the cardboard that was wrapping the king-sized bed and finally cleaned the mattress up.

20130917-202616.jpg I spent a good 30 minutes vacuuming the mattress using my Dyson DC26.

Just as I turned the vacuum cleaner off, I heard Phoebie crying. She was supposed to be napping while I vacuumed with the door closed. And so,

20130917-202836.jpg I was requested to lie down with her while she tried to go back to sleep.

20130917-202947.jpg So with her hand on my arm, I was “forced” take a break while she slowly fell back asleep.

Once she was asleep, I went back to work, packing more things to be donated.

Not only was I going to donate clothes and bags, I was also going to donate my pots, some plates and some utensils. My previous company is also starting a new youth centre, so donating these things will give me more space in the kitchen, and equip the kitchen of the new youth centre.

The ex-colleague I’m liasing with about the things we are going to donate asked me why I was donating all those kitchen stuff and I showed her these pictures:


20130917-203929.jpg I told her about the kitchen ware I had bought in the US. And I really need space because my kitchen is not big. Haha…

Another thing I found time to do today was to “fix” and touch up on some little scratches on the dining chairs.

20130917-204508.jpg This is a product my friends and I had spotted while we were in the US, and for those of us who own wooden furniture, this could be a quick fix if we had little scratches on the furniture.

20130917-204736.jpg I spotted this scratch on the side of one of the dining chairs and decided to test the marker here.

This is the result after starting with the lightest shade:

20130917-204951.jpg I thought the chair looked much better after the light touch up.

20130917-205031.jpg This is after the medium shade was applied. Certainly looks better than before.

20130917-205220.jpg And so, this is the before and after effect of the Guardsman Furniture Touch Up Markers.

Not sure if this product is available in Singapore, but if any one needs a quick touch up on your wooden furniture, let me know. I’ll be happy to lend you the markers. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Cleaning, Sifting & Fixing

  1. Hi, any chance if you still have these touch up markers?? Can you lend or sell them to me ? My contact number is 82252224. Thank you πŸ™‚

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