Not a very good mummy day.

Phoebie was running a fever last night and because her highest was 39 deg C, we decided to bring her to the PD.

We spent 4 hours at the clinic, waiting for Phoebie’s turn. The nurse’s first concern was to tell Phoebie not to touch anything, in case her fever was caused by a contagious bug. I understand the nurse’s concern, but would someone please tell me how to keep an almost-3-year-old kid from touching things in a room she had to stay 4 hours in, with nothing to do but wait?

Thank goodness the nurse didn’t say anything after Phoebie’s temperature was taken, otherwise I might have blown my top.

I understand that a lot of appointments were made to see the PD, but I seriously think the clinic needs to review it’s queuing system. Perhaps slot in a walk-in case after every 10 appointments or something. I mean, surely there’s no way I can know beforehand my kid will be sick, so I cannot make an appointment in advance. But to wait for 4 hours? Sigh…

We weren’t the last ones to see the PD, there were still people in the queue after us. But I was thankful that after 4 hours of waiting and Phoebie becoming cranky and unwilling to see the PD, her PD, Dr. Lim, took some time to get Phoebie settled and comfortable before he examined her. A few tricks with his little torch got Phoebie all excited and friendly with him, so she cooperated fully when he examined her. Thank goodness for a patient PD.

Phoebie didn’t have any other symptoms, so Dr. Lim told us to monitor her. If she has other symptoms over the next few days, we will have to give her the appropriate medication. If she still has fever and yet no other symptoms after a few days, we will have to bring her back for blood and urine test. If her fever goes away, it was probably just a viral fever. Let’s hope it’s the last one.

20130916-222924.jpg So after a super long wait at the clinic and a really late lunch, Phoebie was pretty much knocked out by the time she got to rest.

My plan to unpack was dashed after I fell asleep with her. Not enough sleep the night before plus a very long morning/afternoon, I didn’t feel very productive. Sigh…

Phoebie, please rest well tonight and get well soon.


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