Just for the sake of a different title. Haha… The gist of this post is still unpacking. So boring, I know. Lol…

But I must say, I really enjoy the unpacking, because it’s like rediscovering what we own or what we bought for the house.

According to Ben, we unpacked more than half the boxes today. Not bad for about 4 hours of unpacking. Haha…

While unpacking in Phoebie’s room, I found the shoes I bought for her and…

20130915-214320.jpg I had bought 2 pairs of the same shoes!!! Oh my goodness… Haha… Thank goodness they are of different sizes.

Phoebie was probably the happiest one today because as we unpacked, she had more things to play with.

20130915-214551.jpg This tortoise ride was a present she had gotten for her first birthday. It is meant for 18months and above so we didn’t assemble it for her until she was about that age. It’s adorable how she looks like such a big girl now, sitting on the tortoise.

20130915-214849.jpg I love that we collected quite a few board games while in the US because some games are really over-priced in Singapore. Now when we have friends over, we’ll have more games to play. It should be a good variation from playing video games. Haha…

20130915-215059.jpg The kitchen is the most unpacked place at this point and I’m quite happy. I just need to donate some pots and utensils because I suddenly have too many of them.

20130915-215248.jpg The living room looks so much better now.

Soon, I will have to unpack the 2 things I dread the most – books and clothes. Books, because I know we don’t have enough shelves still and it’s annoying when I don’t have a proper place to unpack them into. Clothes, because it means I need to throw out or donate old ones, which I am really bad at. I don’t even know what to do with Phoebie’s old clothes.

Really hope I can be more decisive when I come to these boxes.


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